Monday, October 10, 2016

New LGBTQIA Web Series ‘History’ Now Streaming

Six episodes of History are now streaming.
All six episodes of History--a new scripted web series that explores the relationships, friendships and the sexual and gender politics of young gay men in New York City--is now free to stream at via YouTube.

History follows Jamie (Jack Tracy), a thirty-something gay New York lawyer, in the days after a messy breakup with his partner of five years, Jared (Andrew Lipson). Through juxtaposed flashbacks, the audience watches Jamie’s evolution—or lack thereof—on issues of intimacy, sex, gender role conformity and friendships as he rebuilds his life on his own terms.

The series filmed during the summer of 2016 and owes a huge thanks to the generosity of volunteer venues, including local New York businesses Therapy NYC, New York Pride landmark Julius Bar, Anejo, Kahve, Ardesia, Casellula and Crossfit Hell’s Kitchen.

Jack Tracy (Jamie, Pennsylvania State University Class of ’05, Seton Hall University School of Law of ‘10) is executive producer, writer, director and lead actor in this new web dramedy, loosely based on his own personal experiences. He has a B.A. in Theatre with a specialization in dramaturgy and script analysis from Pennsylvania State University. Jack is also a licensed attorney, having spent the last six years as a corporate lawyer in New York City. Wayne State University Alumnus, Frank Leone, is also a producer, having most recently produced and written the musical comedy web series “In Retrospect,” which was nominated for Best Soundtrack at the 2016 Indie Series Awards. Watch “In Retrospect” at

Thursday, October 6, 2016

‘Max Compact‘: ‘Heroes’​ Meets YouTube Makeup Vlogging in New Comedy Series

Max Compact minisodes are currently available on Facebook. 
“We’re trying to catch the Uber driver that gave us powers!” Max shouts into the camera as she and her group of friends race down the sidewalk. It’s been a week or two since Max discovered that she has the power to see the future… whenever she puts on makeup. The diverse group of friends running behind her include her soon-to-be-doctor husband Jordan, who is more excited about her powers than anybody else, his skeptical best friends, brother and sister duo Gina and Ian, and the newest member, Lily, who reached out to Max after discovering her own “power.”

This is just the beginning of the adventure that Max and her friends go on in the new comedic web series, Max Compact, created by NYU Tisch grad Jo-Dean Roark (Dorm Therapy, Hello Cupid Reboot), who writes, directs and edits the series. The season-preview, or sizzle reel, opens with Maxine (aka “Max”) creating a makeup tutorial video on YouTube. Immediately after applying eyeliner, her eyes glow white and she has her first vision of the future.

The show is cute, quirky and utterly hilarious as Max invites us all into a world filled with ordinary characters dealing with half-baked superpowers, all of whom are pushed into an adventure worthy of a Marvel movie—a must watch for any viewer who has enjoyed The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Heroes, or any of the diverse YouTube reality stars.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Schuyler Helford Comedy Series ‘Indoorsy’ Set to Premiere September 28

Indoorsy premieres September 28.
Agoraphobia is defined as an extreme or irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public areas. So what can an agoraphobic do to earn a living if they can’t possibly step foot even one-inch outside of their home? Open a business inside an apartment of course, and bring the world (and money) to them! Created by Schuyler Helford a Los Angeles-based producer, writer and comedic actress (Anger Management, The Middle), the new web series Indoorsy is an original comedy about three agoraphobics who decide to move in together and open a day spa inside their apartment, appropriately called “spa-partment.

The order-in lifestyle of today’s modern world served as inspiration to create Indoorsy. “With services like GrubHub, Amazon and Seamless I never have to leave my home,” said Helford. “I wanted to create a world of characters, who because of extreme circumstances, can’t leave their apartment, but are still trying desperately to bring the world to them.”

Helford chose AlphaDogs to complete post-production upon strong recommendation from the late John Fuller, who was the editor on the series. Veteran colorist and Founder/CEO of AlphaDogs Terence Curren, worked one-on-one with Helford to not only set the look and tone of the story, but also troubleshoot problematic scenes including making a practical shower steam effect used in production look more realistic and brightening dimly lit shots. “I have learned that that color-correction is such a crucial part of setting the tone for the story, especially in comedy,” said Helford. “Terence worked magic with shots I thought couldn’t be fixed. When I sent him examples of how I wanted things to look, he nailed it! Bright primary colors were used to match the broad, wacky comedy of the series. I don’t really get how he does it all, but like I said, it’s “magic.”

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

‘Brains’ Season 2 Set to Premiere on September 19

In September 2015, Undead Burrito Productions released the first ten episode season of its original web series Brains. The series follows college neuropsychology student Alison Sumner as she navigates the dating world post­zombie apocalypse. The season ended on a cliffhanger, but don’t fret: Season 2 is set to premiere on YouTube on September 19th, 2016.

Brains is an original web series set after a three year zombie apocalypse on a college campus. 23­ year ­old Alison Sumner is a neuropsychology student with a zombie (Carl Markham) as a best friend, who spends her time doing research about the zombie plague and crushing on a fellow student (Damian Phillips). Alison "vlogs" her quest to seduce her crush as an independent study art project, as well as her life post apocalypse.

Bri Castellini returns as Alison , and welcomes back Marshall Taylor Thurman as Damian, Masha Danilenko as Greta, and Kmur Hardeman as Professor Heather Sherman, as well as a number of other familiar supporting castmates. Colin Hinckley replaces Connor Bowen as Carl, the zombie best friend, in Season 2, and is joined by new main cast members Jean Perez as Ben and Andrew Williams as Edgar. Production began April 9th in Brooklyn and wrapped June 26th.

Season 2 promises to bring all the same fun and heart as Season 1, with dark new twists and tons of new zombies. The new season will still be comprised of 10 main episodes between 5­8 minutes long, with an accompanying 10 “minisodes” about 60 seconds long to be released in between each main episode. This season also promises to delve more deeply into the relationships of the characters, and the toll the apocalypse has taken on the students and staff. There are also five brand new transmedia accounts set to begin posting in­world extra content as soon as the series begins airing.

Watch a teaser below.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Binge ‘The Bay’ on Amazon Prime Starting Today

Starting today, multiple Emmy and Indie Series Award digital drama series The Bay is available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Fourteen digitally remastered episodes were released today on the service, which will be followed by 14 additional episodes slated to be released in Fall 2016 (date TBD). In addition, for non-Amazon Prime members, the series is also available for purchase for $9.99 per season or $1.99 per episode on Amazon Instant Video. The Bay will be free to Amazon Prime members in the following territories; USA, UK-Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Japan.

Originally named 'One of the Top 10 Shows Worth Watching' by TV Guide, The Bay follows the affluent, yet dysfunctional Bay City residents living in a town cursed by Red Garrett, an ominous senator who was murdered by his socialite granddaughter, Sara Garrett. Living in his shadow, Sara, her youngest son Pete, and those around them face a series of dilemmas involving rape, blackmail, sordid lovers, and vindictive arch rivals. Their lives riddled with forbidden love, malicious lies, and never-ending scandals, the town’s privileged tangle with those who confuse obsession for love, vengeance for justice, and power for success.

Recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), The Bay is a multiple Daytime Emmy Award winner in the highly competitive Outstanding Digital Drama Series category. Having previously won in 2015, The Bay again won in 2016 after receiving a total of 5 Daytime Emmy nominations in three categories. The show also took home 2 additional Indie Series Awards, bringing its total to 6.

"We couldn't be more thrilled that Amazon Prime will now allow more lovers of serialized storytelling to find our show, as well as provide our viewers the opportunity to binge watch and discover never-before-seen footage," states series creator, director, and writer Gregori J. Martin. "We are currently working on an all new season 3, which will be available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video in early 2017. None of this would be happening without our fans, who have been with us since the beginning, and we are most grateful."

The Bay also stars Ronn Moss (John Blackwell), Karrueche Tran (Vivian Johnson), and a slew of well-recognized TV faces.

Check out The Bay on Amazon Prime here.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

GeekNation Releases Extended Teaser for ‘Northbound’ Season 2

Actor Nate Alwine (front) returns as Alex, and actor Phil Wentz (back) will be introduced as Danny in Northbound Season 2.
Entertainment site GeekNation and production company Lullskull Ltd. have released a brand new extended teaser for their ongoing Michigan-based post-apocalyptic webseries Northbound Season 2.

Made entirely in Michigan's under-represented Upper Peninsula region, the 1M+ viewed Season 1 followed a lone father, Alex, as he traveled a post-cataclysmic winter landscape, and fought savages and Allied Command, a military force with a mysterious science agenda, all to protect his comatose daughter Crystal. Season 2 continues with Alex and Crystal falling in with a peaceful community led by Pastor Wallace, a man seeking answers as to what caused The Cataclysm. As Wallace works to maintain a fragile cease-fire with a rival militia known as The Firewalkers, certain incidents cause the two groups to test the limits of their agreement and control over the North Woods.

The teaser below highlights the return of series regulars Nate Alwine as Alex, Callie Alwine as Crystal, and Mike March as Wallace. It also introduces some fresh faces: actress Kaitlin Paupore as a mysterious soldier named Ghost, and actors Joe Stevens as leader of a militia known as The Firewalkers, and Phil Wentz as Danny, salvaging partner to Alex.