Saturday, June 24, 2017

74Aderemi Productions Releases Single & Animated Lyric Video for ‘How Did We Get Here?’

Brooklyn-based 74Aderemi Productions is proud to announce the single and lyric video release for “How Did We Get Here?” Performed by acclaimed Broadway star Arbender Robinson, the song details singular and multi-person reflections on conquering demons, and soaring to new heights with newfound inner peace.

Arbender Robinson made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award winning production of Hairspray. He has since had successful runs in Little Mermaid, Hair, Ragtime, Book Of Mormon, Lion King, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Les Miserables, Shuffle Along, and many more.

With lyrics by A.A. Adedeji and music by Eli Zoller, the song will be included in the pilot for the upcoming drama series, We Be Nurses. The lyric video, edited by Elana Meyers, draws from the main story line of the first season and well as playfully incorporating the medical theme of the show.

“We felt ‘How Did We Get Here?’ was the perfect song to introduce the world to the music 74Aderemi Productions will be creating,” said A.A. Adedeji. “The producers felt Arbender’s performance was very evocative of that iconic pop ballad by George Benson, “Everything Must Change,” another song which tackles reflection on life’s journeys.”

Watch "How Did We Get Here?" Lyric Video

The song was produced by A.A. Adedeji, Roger Newcomb and Eli Zoller. It is now available for download and purchase at CD Baby.

About 74Aderemi Productions
74Aderemi Productions is a media production company based in Brooklyn that creates fiction and non-fiction narratives, as well as music, for TV, film, digital platforms, and the theater. The company was founded by seven siblings from Lagos, Nigeria, to honor their beloved mother and her family of amazing and fiercely independent women. Rooted in African folk lore, projects created and produced by 74Aderemi Productions reflect the values she taught them as children and adults. As she would always say, “It is well with you”.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Stage 13 Launches Horror-Comedy ‘Snatchers’ on go90 June 22

Verizon’s go90 and Stage 13, a fearless digital content brand under Warner Bros Digital Networks, today announced that the original scripted horror-comedy series “Snatchers” will be premiering on June 22nd exclusively on go90. “Snatchers” marks Stage 13’s first series launch.

“Snatchers” is centered on a status-obsessed teen who, after having sex for the first time, finds herself pregnant...with an alien. New episodes will be available weekly on and the go90 mobile app, and anyone with a smartphone can download go90 for free via the App Store or Google Play. The eight-episode series will be available on go90’s XO and Saga channels. New episodes will premiere every Thursday with the first two episodes launching on June 22nd.

Making its debut this year in the Sundance Film Festival’s “Midnight Episodic Showcase,” “Snatchers” is about Sara, a status-obsessed high school student, who, to preserve her social standing, has sex for the first time and unexpectedly wakes up pregnant...really pregnant. Things take an interesting turn the morning after she loses her virginity when she quickly discovers she’s pregnant with an alien baby screaming to get out. Now she’ll have to team up with her nerdy ex-best friend Hayley to fight against an extraterrestrial threat, and hopefully keep her mom and friends from finding out about her alien offspring.

Monday, May 15, 2017

‘Ladies of the Lake’ Now Available on Amazon, Amazon Prime

Ladies of the Lake, the much-anticipated digital four-part mini-series featuring an all-star soap opera cast, is now streaming on Amazon and Amazon Prime. The show tells the story of the glamorous residents of the Southern California community of Avalon, and the dark secrets they hide behind their perfect facades.

"It's pure glamour," says Indie Series Award winning Michael Caruso, who wrote the script and executive produces. "The novel is the kind of fun poolside read that people crave, and when Ken [Corday] permitted Kyle [Lowder] and I to adapt his novel we thought that the digital medium would be perfect for binge watching, which is why Amazon is the ideal home for Ladies of the Lake."

The cast includes Martha Madison, Lilly Melgar, Jessica Morris, Marie Wilson, Jillian Clare, Kyle Lowder, Patrika Darbo, Arianne Zucker, Wally Kurth, Ian Buchanan, Gordon Thomson and John-Paul Lavoisier.

"Bringing Ken Corday’s story to life was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences of my career," says Kyle Lowder, who executive produces and stars as Detective Shawn Daniels. "There's a little something for everyone. Mystery, romance, drama, and a visual feast that brings the over the top lifestyles of So Cal to life."

Watch the trailer below.

‘Man Friday’ Launches Indiegogo Campaign

A hilarious new web series, Man Friday, from the Grey Paper Crane Network, is launching its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its series zero.

Man Friday follows a ragtag group of plumbers-cum-spies who find that there is more to fix than sinks. Evelyn, an undercover agent, Friday, a cryptic ex-hacker, and Matt, a clueless ex-field op, form the handyman service team: ‘Man Friday: Anything and Everything’.

The three bond throughout the series, despite Evelyn’s shifty actions, Friday’s mysterious PTSD, and Matt’s absolute - yet adorable - cluelessness.

What started out as a hasty idea inspired by an ad in a local newspaper, Man Friday is the brain-child of writers Bertha Lee​ and Nemo Martin​. Drawing on the absurdist humor of feel-good spy-comedies, this web series combines the ridiculous incompetence of an inept plumber with the ridiculous competence of superspy assassins.

Monday, May 8, 2017

‘The Charlie Orange Show' Set to Premiere May 17

The Charlie Orange Show is a hidden camera, man on the street web series exposing society's deepest flaws through the eyes of three drastically different characters: Charlie Orange, Brenda the Bride, and Fat Barbie. Think Girls Behaving Badly meets Da Ali G Show!

The series is set to premiere on Wednesday, May 17, with new episodes and alternating characters every week through early July.

About the characters:
* Charlie Orange: With blissful ignorance of the social norms that govern our lives, this mute character is an embodiment of the affection and attention we all desire.
* Brenda the Bride spends her days scouring the community in a wedding dress for her future mate. Through her journey, she forces people to confront the pressure placed on women to be married by a certain age and how life should fit the status quo.
* Fat Barbie: After being kicked out of the dream house for not looking like the rest, Fat Barbie finds herself in a new world. Hoping for a fresh start, she encounters the same obsession with appearance.

Monday, May 1, 2017

‘Katie & Shaun’ to Depict Realities of Living with Anxiety and Depression, Premieres May 26

Independent production company, Something Pretty, is releasing its debut show, Katie & Shaun, on YouTube on May 26, 2017.

Katie & Shaun is a dramatic web series that depicts the realities of living with anxiety and depression. With 70% of Americans suffering from a mental illness or disorder, the filmmakers hope to speak to a wide audience with accessible web shorts that shine a light into some of those dark places.

The show was created by husband/wife duo Matt Thomas (Writer) and Susan Allen (Director). It stars Meghan Maguire (The Late Show with David Letterman) as Katie, and Ricky Goldman (Were the World Mine), It Seems To Hang On, One Percent More Humid) as Shaun.

Episode One premieres on YouTube on Friday May 26. To receive the URL for Episode One and all subsequent episodes as soon as they are released, please join the mailing list at Preview links for all eight episodes will be available to the press on May 16 - please see the instructions at the bottom of this release.