Sunday, February 19, 2017

Indie Series Awards Moving to Colony Theatre

The 8th Annual Indie Series Awards are coming to Burbank on April 5, 2017. The Red Carpet Gala will be held at The Colony Theatre, which has long been a vibrant center of Los Angeles theatre life.

The Indie Series Awards, honoring the best in independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the Web, first began in 2009.

“We are so excited to bring the Indie Series Awards to this extraordinary venue,” said Roger Newcomb, founder of the Indie Series Awards. “There's not a bad seat in the house, and the space offers us several new and fun possibilities for the ceremony, including the performances of the six Best Original Song nominees."

Barbara Beckley Artistic Director of The Colony Theatre stated, “It is an honor to be hosting this important and prestigious awards show recognizing the best and brightest in New Media. Director of Development, Heather Provost, added, "It's exactly the kind of fresh and innovative event we want to see in our theatre."

On February 1, a total of 48 series from around the world were nominated for Indie Series Awards in 29 categories.

Tickets for "ISA8" are currently on sale through Eventbrite.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nominees Announced for 8th Annual Indie Series Awards


29 Categories Honor Social Relevance, Artistic Merit, Excellence in Craft

NEW YORK, NY, February 1, 2017
– The nominations for the 8th Annual Indie Series Awards were revealed on Wednesday, February 1. The ISAs celebrate the best in independently produced scripted entertainment created for the Web. Nominations were announced in 29 categories.

The Bay led all series with 21 total nominations. The show will compete in the Best Web Series - Drama category with Best Thing You'll Ever Do, Lemmings, Muck, Out With Dad, People Like Us, Rumuvi and Undetectable.

The Amazing Gayl Pile led all comedies with 16 nominations. The series is joined in the Best Web Series - Comedy field by #Adulting, Break: The Musical, Fame Dogs, Grip and Electric, High Road, Keith Broke His Leg and The Pioneers.

The Bay and The Amazing Gayl Pile each broke the previous record of 13 total nominations.

In all, there are 48 nominated series from around the globe: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. Crystal trophies will be presented to the winners during a gala ceremony on April 5 in Los Angeles. The two-day celebration includes a launch party, red carpet reception, press walk, presentation ceremony and official after party.

Since 2009, the Indie Series Award has honored the most creative and progressive talent in independent web series.

The Annual Indie Series Awards is an initiative to elevate the entire indie series genre, organized by the nonprofit Indie Series Network. All proceeds from entry fees, ticket sales, program ads, etc. are reinvested in the production of the event. ISA8 is produced by New Comb Interactive (Crown Heights, Brooklyn) in cooperation with the Indie Series Network ( and media partner Serial Scoop.

The nominees are:

Best Web Series — Comedy
The Amazing Gayl Pile
Break: The Musical
Fame Dogs
Grip and Electric
High Road
Keith Broke His Leg
The Pioneers

Best Web Series — Drama
The Bay
Best Thing You'll Ever Do
Out With Dad
People Like Us

Best Directing — Comedy
Pablo Camaití, Boy Scauts
Kerry Harris, Grip and Electric
Justin Harwood, High Road
Andrew Nielson, Plant: The Second Coming
Morgan Waters & Brooks Gray, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Ben Wright Smith & Ted Day, The Pioneers

Best Writing — Comedy
Sylvia Batey Alcalá, Fame Dogs
Kerry Harris & Andrew Burlinson, Grip and Electric
Justin Harwood, High Road
Andrew Nielson & David Lavine, Plant: The Second Coming
Keith Powell, Keith Broke His Leg
Morgan Waters & Brooks Gray, The Amazing Gayl Pile

Best Lead Actor — Comedy
Ben Baur, #Adulting
Andrew Burlinson, Grip and Electric
Will Farrell, The Other Will Farrell
Mark Mitchinson, High Road
Keith Powell, Keith Broke His Leg
Morgan Waters, The Amazing Gayl Pile

Best Lead Actress — Comedy
Sylvia Batey Alcalá, Fame Dogs
Meredith Bishop, Grip and Electric
Mary Bonney, Break: The Musical
Liz Days, Plant: The Second Coming
Anna Jaller, Right Hand Man
Bhama Roget, The Bhama Show

Best Supporting Actor — Comedy
Brooks Gray, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Adam Henry Garcia, The Chief
Andy King, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Sam LeGassick, Rich Keeble Vanity Project
Jon Lindstrom, Gridlocked
Manuel Urrego, Right Hand Man

Best Supporting Actress — Comedy
Jill Knox, Keith Broke His Leg
Inessa Frantowski, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Candelaria Casal, Boy Scauts
Natalie Sutherland, Fame Dogs
Lin Shaye, Grip and Electric
Renee Olstead, Grip and Electric

Best Guest Actor — Comedy
Jon Daly, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Drew Droege, #Adulting
Nic Few, Keith Broke His Leg
Jack McBrayer, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Damion Poitier, F'd
Greg Wise, High Road

Best Guest Actress — Comedy
Jillian Clare, Fame Dogs
Johanna Day, The Pioneers
Liz Ellis, The Bhama Show
Sas Goldberg, He's With Me
June Diane Raphael, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Emma Thompson, High Road

Best Ensemble — Comedy
The Amazing Gayl Pile
Fame Dogs
Grip and Electric
He's With Me
Plant: The Second Coming

Best Directing — Drama
Catherine Fordham, Best Thing You'll Ever Do
Leon Cheo, People Like Us
Jason Leaver, Out With Dad
Gregori J. Martin, The Bay
Rob Raffety, Muck
Sam T. Wilson, Undetectable

Best Writing — Drama
Katie Adams & Jay Moon, At Bay
Monica West, Best Thing You'll Ever Do
Brett Andres, Lemmings
Rob Raffety, Muck
Gregori J. Martin & Wendy Riche, The Bay
Todd Flaherty, Undetectable

Best Lead Actor — Drama
Anthony Anderson, Anacostia
Danny Gavigan, Muck
Sean-Michael Bowles, Lemmings
Jonathan Robbins, Out With Dad
Kristos Andrews, The Bay
Todd Flaherty, Undetectable

Best Lead Actress — Drama
Kate Conway, Out With Dad
Mary Beth Evans, The Bay
Rachael Fox, Here We Wait
Lilly Melgar, The Bay
Monica West, Best Thing You'll Ever Do
Ellen Woods, At Bay

Best Supporting Actor — Drama
Matthew Ashford, The Bay
Nicolas Coster, The Bay
Andrew Glaszek, Undetectable
Christian Leadley, Here We Wait
Steven Lim, People Like Us
Jerreme Rodriguez, Undetectable

Best Supporting Actress — Drama
Marion A. Akpan, Anacostia
Jade Harlow, The Bay
Lauren B. Martin, Pride: The Series
Lindsey Middleton, Out With Dad
Myra Lucretia Taylor, Best Thing You'll Ever Do
Karrueche Tran, The Bay

Best Guest Actor — Drama
Brandon Beemer, The Bay
Tony Head, Pride: The Series
Tremayne Norris, Anacostia
Dan Stern, Lemmings
Scott Turner Schofield, Pride: The Series
Kevin Spirtas, The Bay

Best Guest Actress — Drama
Patrika Darbo, The Bay
Melissa Disney, Pride: The Series
Carolyn Hennesy, The Bay
Whitney Hoy, Pride: The Series
Elizabeth Hubbard, Anacostia
Kym Whitley, The Bay

Best Ensemble — Drama
Back Stabber
The Bay
Out With Dad
Starting From Now

Best Production Design
Sarah Asaly, The Bay
Jill Knox, Keith Broke His Leg
Rosalie Mackintosh, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Charlie "Chaspooley" Robinson, Here We Wait
Scott Michael Salame, Pride: The Series
Elba Sette-Camara, The Sessions

Best Costume Design
Keriann Correia, Working on It
Vanessa Fischer, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Adam Henry Garcia & Mike Perlman, The Chief
Virginia Hemstreet, The Pantsless Detective
Marquita Lopez, The Bay
Mari Viera, Boy Scauts

Best Special/Visual Effects
Mike Barnett, The Shades
Dipu Bhattacharya, The Pantsless Detective
Robert Chapin, The Hunted: Encore
Jamie Dickinson, Here We Wait
Bernardo Schnitzler, Guido Ferro & Vero Gatti, Psychosomatic

Best Makeup
George Barr, Roads to Keystone
Jessica Panetta, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Lora Lee, Anacostia
Ren Bray, The Bay
Tanya Cabral, Unconditional Love
Alondra Shields, Gridlocked

Best Soundtrack
Judith Avers, Or So the Story Goes
Marcus Thorne Bagala, The Hunted: Encore
Matt Dahan, Break: The Musical
B.J. Maier, Diddlisquat
Mike Mason, Fame Dogs
Carolyn Richardson, Funny Married Stuff

Best Original Song
"I Can't Make You Love Me" from #Adulting by Katie McGhies
"Save The Fur" from The Bhama Show by Bhama Roget
"Shut In" from The Bhama Show by Bhama Roget
"Just At The Start" from Break: The Musical by Matt Dahan and Mary Bonney
"Print" from Break: The Musical by Matt Dahan
"My 'So-Called' Co-Star Life" from My "So-Called" Co Star Life by Andre Boyer
"Loaded" from Or So the Story Goes by Judith Avers

Best Editing
Christopher Datugan, People Like Us
Neil Fennell, Ghost Light
Matthew Kreiner, Lemmings
Bernardo Schnitzler & Guido Ferro, Psychosomatic
Jeremy Snyder & Tiffany Petitt, The Bay
Morgan Waters, The Amazing Gayl Pile

Best Cinematography
Colin Bryant, Classic Hollywood
Travis Edwards, Muck
Henry Sansom, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Logan Schneider, Grip and Electric
Matthias Schubert, The Bay
Looi Wan Ping, People Like Us

Best Original Score
Jonathan M. Roe, The Pantsless Detective
Massimo Sammi, Zeroes
Matt Dahan, Break: The Musical
Michael Bahnmiller, Afterlife
Miles Ito, Here We Wait
Tiffany Topol, Best Thing You'll Ever Do

Toal Series Nominations
21 The Bay
16 The Amazing Gayl Pile
9 Grip and Electric
7 Fame Dogs
7 Undetectable
6 Anacostia
6 Best Thing You'll Ever Do
6 Break: The Musical
6 High Road
6 Keith Broke His Leg
6 Out With Dad
6 Pride: The Series
5 Here We Wait
5 Lemmings
5 Muck
5 People Like Us
4 #Adulting
4 The Bhama Show
4 Plant: The Second Coming
3 Boy Scauts
3 The Pantsless Detective
3 The Pioneers
2 At Bay
2 The Chief
2 F'd
2 Gridlocked
2 He's With Me
2 The Hunted: Encore
2 Or So the Story Goes
2 Psychosomatic
2 Right Hand Man
1 Afterlife
1 Back Stabber
1 Classic Hollywood
1 Diddlisquat
1 Funny Married Stuff
1 Ghost Light
1 My "So-Called" Co Star Life
1 The Other Will Farrell
1 Rich Keeble Vanity Project
1 Roads to Keystone
1 Rumuvi
1 The Sessions
1 The Shades
1 Starting From Now
1 Unconditional Love
1 Working on It
1 Zeroes

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Best Drama & Comedy Categories Expanding to 8 Nominees at 8th Annual Indie Series Awards

The Indie Series Awards are expanding the number of nominees in the Best Web Series — Comedy and Best Web Series — Drama categories from six to eight.

Indie Series Network director Kevin Mulcahy Jr. advocated for the change, hoping it would allow additional recognition for some of the fantastic independently produced series that have been squeezed out of the race for the top prize in the past.

"The ISAs are a labor of love for our entire staff, who volunteer their time," Mulcahy explains. "A lot of hard work goes into putting on the ceremony every April, but nothing is harder than the process of narrowing down the hundreds of actors, writers, directors and other crew members when the six nominees are determined."

Indie Series Awards founder Roger Newcomb agrees.

"Every year in early February we announce the six nominees in each category," he says, "and there have been numerous times when a web series we loved placed 7th or 8th in multiple categories, but ended up being completely shut out of the nominations, or barely recognized. I know there have been times when a creator watched the nominee announcement, and went away thinking we must not have liked their show or a performance, when nothing could be further from the truth."

The expansion will allow four additional series to be introduced to the audience during the 8th Annual Indie Series Awards ceremony.

"It may seem like a small change," Newcomb adds, "but we are determined to keep finding ways to recognize even more shows on the night all indie web series are celebrated. Nominated or not, we hope all the brilliant artists who brought these wonderful stories to life at our two-day celebration in April. Once again, we have been blown away by the creativity and execution of the series submitted from all over the world."

Founded in 2009, the Indie Series Awards celebrate the best in independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the Web.

More big changes for this year's ISAs are in the works, and will be announced in the coming days.

The nominees in 29 categories will be revealed on Wednesday, February 1st. The time of the announcement will be posted at on Monday. Join us Wednesday on Twitter to discuss the nominations, and be sure to use hashtag #ISA8 so everyone can follow the discussion.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Time Travel Series ‘Relativity’ Premieres Today!

Relativity is now streaming.
Relativity, a joint venture between Undead Burrito Productions and Millennium Hand Productions, is officially live!

The best part? It's immediately and totally binge-able! To get the full experience, Relativity is designed to be watched in three different orders- following characters Candace, Perry, and Erin on their respective time travel journeys.

You can absolutely watch them in whichever order you like, but writer and director Chris Cherry suggests the following:

Candace (played by Michelle Agresti)

Perry (played by Jon Esquivel)

Erin (played by Dana Shiree)*

* Note: This timeline has an alternate ending not available in the other two playlists.

Find out more about Relativity at

Monday, December 5, 2016

‘Or So the Story Goes: Golden Rule’ Trailer Released

A trailer for the new season of OSTSG has been released.
Prepare for a killer season as Or So the Story Goes brings you a new story that you'll have to see to believe-a teen slasher twist on Rumpelstiltskin!

The community of Kingstown must fight for their lives when a masked killer begins targeting those close to the girl that once got away. Time is ticking as the local police department find themselves taunted with riddles and a clear message on how long they have to find the killer before he takes what he deems his. Three days.

Watch the newly released trailer below.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Perrine Productions Launches Comedic Web Series about Marriage

Funny Married Stuff is from Lony’e and Peyton Perrine II.
A brand new web series, Funny Married Stuff, created by and starring long-time married Hollywood couple Lony’e and Peyton Perrine II launched this November in hopes that other couples will start talking about marriage. The series follows Lony’e and Peyton Perrine II poking fun at one another while navigating through the confusing world of marriage and parenthood. This web series is a parody on their daily lives, as they try not to drive each other crazy dealing with topics of image, sex, communication, finances and parenting. In the series, the cast of friends and extended family are just as crazy as Lony’e & Peyton, as they navigate their own issues and relationships while playing parodies of themselves.

Peyton Perrine II, a first-time actor was inspired by his wife and the recent stories surrounding Hollywood break-up’s to create a series to help other couples stay together.

“I was tired of hearing about all the Hollywood breakups and marriage horror stories. So, with a challenge from my wife I decided to write about funny stuff (good and bad) that happens everyday in a marriage. My intention was to show that any situation in a marriage can be reflected upon with humor,” said Peyton.

Lony’e Perrine, a veteran actress best known for her roles in ABC’s Castle and most recently CBS’ Criminal Minds wants to show a positive side of marriage and let other couples know that it is still possible to keep a marriage alive in Hollywood.

“As an actor I want to be able to use my voice for change and inspiration! So, doing a web series that shows positive images of marriage in the black community was right up my alley. Contrary to what is shown in the media we do exist! And I said positive, not perfect. We want to provide a show that people could relate, see themselves in us, and take away a little nugget that may help them in their marriage. Plus it was a chance to work with honey!”

Watch the trailer below.