Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NOMINEES: 9th Annual Indie Series Awards


30 Categories Honor Social Relevance, Artistic Merit, Excellence in Craft

NEW YORK, NY, January 31, 2018 – The nominations for the 9th Annual Indie Series Awards were revealed on Wednesday, January 31. The ISAs celebrate the best in independently produced entertainment created for the Web. Nominees were announced in 30 categories.

Ladies of the Lake led all series with 18 total nominations, followed by The Bay with 16. Those shows will compete in the Best Drama Series category with AnacostiaGiantsL.A. MacabreRiley ParraRunning With Violet and Teenagers.

Filth City led all comedies with 12 nominations. The series is joined in the Best Comedy Series field by 190 LorimerThe Amazing Hoolister ParkBad TimingDear MankindHow to Buy a BabyIndoor Boys and ThreadBare.

The first ever category for unscripted shows was added this year.  Competing for Best Non-Fiction Series are 1 Minute MealHaunt MEVintage America with Ginger and Where I Don't Belong.

In all, there are 44 nominated series from around the globe: United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Uruguay. Crystal trophies will be presented to the winners during a gala ceremony on April 4 at The Colony Theatre in Los Angeles. The two-day celebration includes a launch party, red carpet reception, press walk, presentation ceremony and official after party.

Since 2009, the Indie Series Award has honored the most creative and progressive talent in independent web series. 

The Annual Indie Series Awards is an initiative to elevate the entire indie series genre, organized by the nonprofit Indie Series Network. All proceeds from entry fees, ticket sales, program ads, etc. are reinvested in the production of the event. ISA9 is produced by We Love Soaps LLC (Crown Heights, Brooklyn) in cooperation with the Indie Series Network ( and media partner Serial Scoop. 

The nominees are:

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

‘Educated Fleas’ Web Series Premieres on Vimeo

What do you wish you were taught about sex? This question is the engine behind Mae Smith and Emily Hornsby’s new sex positive comedic web series, Educated Fleas. The first four episodes (of six) are now out on Vimeo. The fifth episode will be released tomorrow at 3PM!

Educated Fleas follows Ruth, a woman in her early thirties who, almost by accident, starts professionally giving the "birds and bees" talk to the children of wealthy NY parents. Each episode involves a sex talk with a kid and then re-examines the topic of that talk through the lens of an adult sexual relationship in the life of Ruth or her friends.

Making this series has been an adventure! As Mae and Emily were writing, they talked to many friends about their horrifying experiences (or lack thereof) with sex education. For example, Mae was taught that sex was a really tight hug, and subsequently didn’t hug a boy until she was fourteen. Ruth is the voice for all of the things they wish they were told as kids.

"Ruth has a complicated relationship with sex and love while also being an advocate for sexual empowerment," said star of the series Crosby Fitzgerald. "I think a lot of people can relate to having that complex dichotomy of thought."

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

‘Girls Like Magic’: New LGBTQ Comedy Releases Trailer Before September 19th Premiere

Casey (Brea Grant) and Jamie (Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera)
WowNow Entertainment has released the trailer for Girls Like Magic in advance of its launch on September 19th. Magic follows Maggie (creator Julia Eringer), who has just arrived in Los Angeles to be with her chauvinistic boyfriend (Dominic Adams, Devious Maids/SIX) and doesn’t know a soul this side of the pond. When she overhears her new downstairs neighbor Jamie (Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera) loudly making up, and then breaking up, with her ex-girlfriend Casey (Brea Grant, EastSiders/Heroes/Dexter) she offers a shoulder to cry on with a side of cookies and vodka. The two hit it off, Jamie dubs Maggie “Magic” for saving her night, and an unlikely friendship is born. As Magic helps Jamie navigate her newly single life, Jamie introduces Magic to the wonderful world of being gay: the cliques, the dildos, and the drama. As they become closer they wonder, are they best friends or are they more? Will their relationship make them stronger or will they fall back into old, bad habits and toxic relationships?

Creator Julia Eringer says she was inspired by real people and events in creating the series.

"Coming from the UK, I hadn't experienced anything quite like the LGBTQ community in Los Angeles before: the fun, the drama, and the celebratory nature of the community," she says. "On a deeper level I was entranced by the freedom, the intense self-awareness and the rigorous commitment to being who you are. I felt I could relate to the LGBTQ community in a way that I hadn’t been able to relate to a group of people before. My friendship with Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera led to a deeper understanding of her experience as I was able to observe her struggle of growing up as a queer woman of color. Girls Like Magic is based on our real-life friendship and is a love letter to her.
Magic (Julia Eringer) and Jamie (Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera)
Although Girls Like Magic is a comedy, I wanted to address, head on, the harsh realities of coming to terms with who you are, and the prejudices, both internal and external, that come with that. I also wanted to explore the blurring lines of sexuality. It’s not all black and white, gay or straight: Love and attraction are not that easy to define. At the end of the day maybe the only definition we need is love."

Girls Like Magic reunites some of the team behind the Emmy-nominated and Indie Series Award winning series EastSiders, including: Inuka Bacote-Capiga (Producer), Robert Edgecomb (Cinematographer), and Kit Williamson (Director). They are joined by Satish Fernando (Editor).

Girls Like Magic will be available September 19th on iTunes, Fandango Now, Vudu, and Amazon.

Watch the trailer below.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Season of Comedy ‘But Ya Know What I Think?’ Streaming Now

After four years of some of the most advanced theatre training in the country, Jason, Zach, and Corey find themselves back where it all began: in their mothers' homes in New Jersey. The six-episode first season of But Ya Know What I Think? has just been released on YouTube and can be viewed on the show’s website,

Created by Jason Cohen and Zach Miller, the show follows three over-trained and under-employed actor friends who pursue their big dreams while dealing with the comically harsh reality of being broke and living at home in the suburbs. Part-sketch, part-mockumentary in structure, each episode deals with a subject relevant to the three characters, such as money, wasting time, or meeting women, with the characters of Jason, Zach, and Corey being larger-than-life versions of the show’s creators. Though the series is viewed through the lens of being an actor, the underlying themes and humor of post-college struggles will resonate far beyond the theatre world.

Watch the first episode below.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

‘Taley Time’: New Original Fairy Tales with a Bit of Skepticism

Brand new traditional-style fairy tales make their way to the web in the new YouTube web series, Taley Time. Host Charles Scrivens (played by R. Max Gibson) adds his own commentary as he tells the tales, struggling to come up with learning moments and often questioning the fairy tale characters’ decisions.

Each week features a self-contained tale with stories ranging from light-hearted and comedic to horrific and dark. However, all episodes have a comedic tone as Charles Scrivens breaks down the stories with a modern lens.

“Fairy tales, and children’s entertainment in general, has changed drastically in the last hundred years,” says Gibson. “Telling the stories on YouTube creates the opportunity to insert the storyteller’s opinion and contextualize darker elements that have gone missing from fairy tales.”

Watch the trailer below.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

74Aderemi Productions Releases Single & Animated Lyric Video for ‘How Did We Get Here?’

Brooklyn-based 74Aderemi Productions is proud to announce the single and lyric video release for “How Did We Get Here?” Performed by acclaimed Broadway star Arbender Robinson, the song details singular and multi-person reflections on conquering demons, and soaring to new heights with newfound inner peace.

Arbender Robinson made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award winning production of Hairspray. He has since had successful runs in Little Mermaid, Hair, Ragtime, Book Of Mormon, Lion King, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Les Miserables, Shuffle Along, and many more.

With lyrics by A.A. Adedeji and music by Eli Zoller, the song will be included in the pilot for the upcoming drama series, We Be Nurses. The lyric video, edited by Elana Meyers, draws from the main story line of the first season and well as playfully incorporating the medical theme of the show.

“We felt ‘How Did We Get Here?’ was the perfect song to introduce the world to the music 74Aderemi Productions will be creating,” said A.A. Adedeji. “The producers felt Arbender’s performance was very evocative of that iconic pop ballad by George Benson, “Everything Must Change,” another song which tackles reflection on life’s journeys.”

Watch "How Did We Get Here?" Lyric Video

The song was produced by A.A. Adedeji, Roger Newcomb and Eli Zoller. It is now available for download and purchase at CD Baby.

About 74Aderemi Productions
74Aderemi Productions is a media production company based in Brooklyn that creates fiction and non-fiction narratives, as well as music, for TV, film, digital platforms, and the theater. The company was founded by seven siblings from Lagos, Nigeria, to honor their beloved mother and her family of amazing and fiercely independent women. Rooted in African folk lore, projects created and produced by 74Aderemi Productions reflect the values she taught them as children and adults. As she would always say, “It is well with you”.

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