Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Indie Series Awards Red Carpet Show, Hosted by Michael Goldberg

In Part 1 of We Love Soaps TV's 5th Annual Indie Series Awards Red Carpet Show, Michael Goldberg chats with actress and author Carolyn Hennesy, who brilliantly hosted this year's ceremony. Also featured are Sebastian La Cause, producer and star of Best Web Series - Drama winner Hustling; Christine Lakin, producer and star of Lovin' Lakin and one of Indie Series Awards judges this year; Days of our Lives star Eric Martsolf, a presenter who will appear in the upcoming zombie comedy Acting Dead; and Bloomers nominee Darin Brooks with Kelly Kruger, former star of The Young and the Restless.

Part 2 includes interviews with Split lead actress nominee Lisa Roumain; He's With Me nominees Darcie Siciliano and John Cramer; The Bay nominee and Days of our Lives actress Jade Harlow; Justice Woman creator and star Vanessa Verduga; Indie Series Awards judge Michele Kanan and presenter Sean Kanan, soon returning to the The Bold and the Beautiful; My Synthesized Life nominee and Emma Approved actor Brent Bailey and Emma Approved star Joanna Sotomura; and Twenty Five nominees Jessica DiGiovanni, Brennan Caldwell and Josh Duboff.

Watch Part 2 (Episode 5.27) below and stayed tuned for more Red Carpet interviews soon.

Part 3 includes interviews with Cherish Lee, who offers a sample of her latest single. Also featured are EastSiders nominees Kit Williamson and Brea Grant; Dane Ohlrogge, Kelsey Jorissen and Coco Fernandez from the nominated ensemble of The Dreamers; four-time nominee Jonathan Holbrook of STILL; Clutch star and nominee Jillian Clare, who won the award for Best Supporting Actress - Drama; Patrika Darbo, from the nominated Bloomers ensemble and the upcoming Acting Dead; Tainted Dreams actors Brandon Goins and Colleen Zenk, who was also nominated for her work in Thurston; and Philip Cook from Malice, who took home Best Special Effects award.

Part 4 includes interviews with Charlene Tilton (DeVanity), Michael Caruso (DeVanity); Walt Willey (Thurston, Tainted Dreams); Sharon Farrell (Broken at Love); Brian Beacock (Acting Dead), Nate Golon (My Synthesized Life), Brent Bailey (My Synthesized Life), Katie Gill (My Synthesized Life), "World's Tallest Actress" Lisa Kay Hayward (Just Like Us), Jason Leaver (Pete Winning and the Pirates, Out With Dad), Aaron Tsang (Pete Winning and the Pirates), Jessica Martin (Wrecked), Robert Bergin (Wrecked), Bhama Roget (Wrecked) and more!

Part 5 includes interviews with Jane Espenson (Husbands), Brad Bell (Husbands), Caitlynne Medrek (Out With Dad), Kate Conway (Out With Dad), Lindsey Middleton (Out With Dad), Jason Leaver (Out With Dad), Sierra Hersek (Dark Pool), Elisar Cabrera (3some), Lisa Gifford (3some), Karolina Sivas (Broken at Love), Rob Healy (Broken at Love), Ron Hanks (Golden California), Deshaude Barner (Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden), Robert Keller (Gay Nerds), JP Larocque (Gay Nerds), John Halbach (EastSiders, Wallflowers) and Matthew McKelligon (EastSiders).

Part 6 includes interviews with Part 3 includes interviews with Martha Madison (The Bay), Carly Rhiannon (LESlieVILLE), Jeff Burns (Super Knocked Up), Jeff Sinasac (Clutch), Adrian Ellis (Clutch), Jonathan Robbins (Clutch), Peter Hermes (The Inn), Gerald McCullouch (Hustling), Stephen Guarino (Hustling), Andrew Glaszek (Hustling), Brandyn Cross (Proper Manors), Peter D'Alessio (Proper Manors), Michelle Laino (Proper Manors), Marie Caffrey (Cuckoo), Devin Mills (Dating in the Middle Ages), Mary Jo Anderson (Dating in the Middle Ages), Tim Russ (Bloomers) and Henryk Cymerman (Bloomers).

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