Friday, June 20, 2014

RESULTS: Indie Series of the Week Poll (June 8-14, 2014)

Red Sleep was voted favorite web series of the week.
The results are in from "Indie Series of the Week" poll for web series that aired June 8-14, 2014.

Red Sleep was voted favorite web series of the week. A new episode of An Actor Unprepared was second, followed by the latest from Past Meets the Future, and the premieres of Other Men and Pride.

Check out the complete results below including the Favorite Actor, Actress and Couple/Duo of the Week:

1Red Sleep25
2An Actor Unprepared-1
3Past Meets the Future101
4Other Men-0
9Submissions Only-0
10Youthful Daze50
11Acting Dead140
12Drifter: Lonesome Highway60
13Chris & Josh151
15Knocked Down-0
16Friendship is the Best Ship-0
18Bushido Man120

See the rest of the poll results and watch last week's Top 3 Indie web series below:

Watch Red Sleep at JTS.TV.

Akhu ("Darnell") from Red Sleep was voted Favorite Actor of the week. 

1Akhu, Red Sleep-1
2Gianmarco Soresi, An Actor Unprepared-1
3Rhett Davis, Past Meets the Future-1
4Dorrell Anthony, Pride-0
5Javan Nelson, An Actor Unprepared-0

Jessica Sonneborn ("Katrina Long") from Red Sleep was voted Favorite Actress of the week.

1Jessica Sonneborn, Red Sleep-1
2Ashley Mitchell, Pride-1
3Sarah Schenkkan, An Actor Unprepared-1
4Sarah Peterson, Past Meets the Future-0
5Jillian Clare, Acting Dead-4

The Favorite Couple/Duo for the week was Clyde & Claire from Red Sleep.

1Clyde & Claire, Red Sleep34
2Daniel & Eliza, Past Meets the Future-1
3Ross & Gianmarco, An Actor Unprepared-1
4Kai & Chad, Pride-0
5Jerry & Hank, Other Men-0

Links to last week's indie series below:
- Acting Dead Episode 6 "This Town Needs an Exorcist"
- An Actor Unprepared Episode 3 "An Actor Underpitched"
- Bushido Man Episode 3 "Nunchaku"
- Chris & Josh Season 2 Episode 6 "Netboys"
- Drifter: Lonesome Highway Chapter 3
- Freefall Season 2 Episode 6
- Friendship is the Best Ship Episode 3 "Friendship Is An Adventure!"
- Knocked Down Chapter 2 Episode 3
- Lungs Episode 15 "Warnings"
- Millions Episode 7
- Other Men Episode 1 "Pilot" (series premiere)
- Past Meets the Future Episode 12 "Tricks and Trade"
- Pride Episode 2 Chapter 1
- Red Sleep Episode 6 "Jealousy"
- Still Episode 9 "Memories"
- Submissions Only Season 3 Episode 8 (season finale)
- Winners Episode 13 "Auld Lang Syne"
- Youthful Daze Season 2 Episode 11 "Speed Bumps"

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