Thursday, July 3, 2014

RESULTS: Indie Series of the Week Poll (June 22-28, 2014)

Red Sleep was voted favorite web series of the week.
The results are in from "Indie Series of the Week" poll for web series that aired June 22-28, 2014.

Red Sleep was voted favorite web series for the third week in a row. A new episode of Pride was second, followed by the latest from Knocked Down, Youthful Daze and Drifter: Lonesome Highway.

Check out the complete results below including the Favorite Actor, Actress and Couple/Duo of the Week:

1Red Sleep17
3Knocked Down-1
4Youthful Daze50
5Drifter: Lonesome Highway120
6Chris & Josh131
8The White Folks140
9Past Meets the Future32
10Somewhere in Palm Springs-0
11Acting Dead70
12Til Lease Do Us Part-0
13Bushido Man170

See the rest of the poll results below:

Chioke Jelani Clanton (Clyde Harris) from Red Sleep was voted Favorite Actor of the week. 

1Chioke Jelani Clanton, Red Sleep-3
2Dorell Anthony, Pride-1
3Montrell Henderson, Knocked Down32
4Bryan James, Youthful Daze-0
5Ed Robinson, Pairings-0

Jessica Roth (Claire Carson) from Red Sleep was voted Favorite Actress of the week.

1Jessica Roth, Red Sleep-2
2Ashley Mitchell, Pride52
3Ilene Kristen, Pride-1
4Sarah Peterson, Past Meets the Future31
5Sarah Hester, Youthful Daze-0

The Favorite Couple/Duo for third week in a row was Clyde & Claire from Red Sleep.

1Clyde & Claire, Red Sleep16
2Chad & Kai, Pride-1
3Daniel & Eliza, Past Meets the Future23
4Drew & Tommy, Youthful Daze50
5Rebecca & Curt, Knocked Down-0

Links to last week's indie series below:
- Acting Dead Episode 8 (season finale)
- Bushido Man Episode 5 "Knife"
- Chris & Josh Season 2 Episode 8 "World's Greatest Rapper (ft. Emily Williams)"
- Drifter: Lonesome Highway Chapter 5
- Knocked Down Chapter 2 Episode 4
- Pairings Season 2 Episode 1 "Observe the Whole Bowl" (season premiere)
- Past Meets the Future Episode 14 "Swelling Plans"
- Pride Episode 3
- Red Sleep Episode 8 "Memories"
- Somewhere in Palm Springs Episode 1 "The Order" (series premiere)
- Til Lease Do Us Part Episode 1 (series premiere)
- The White Folks Episode 3
- Youthful Daze Season 2 Episode 13 "Dark Daze"

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