Sunday, November 23, 2014

5th Annual Indie Series Awards Opening Monologue by Carolyn Hennesy (Video)

General Hospital star Carolyn Hennesy hosted the 5th Annual Indie Series Awards on April 2, 2014, at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. She was funny, as expected, but also inspiring, with an opening monologue that celebrated the indie web series community. Watch (and read) what Hennesy had to say below. FYI: The monologue was written entirely by her.

Ladies and gentlemen, Madames et Mssrs., Damen un Herren...welcome to the 5th Annual Indie Series Awards.

Before we get fully underway (and I can no longer control you hooligans,) I want to introduce this evening's ISA trophy girl: recording artist, actress, and the daughter of the beautiful Charlene Tilton, who is a nominee here. Charlene, where are you? Please welcome to the stage the gorgeous Cherish Lee.

That's what we call a slow-walking dress. Charlene, lovely work. And for all you fellas at the After Party, no handsies.

Why is this night important to everyone...not just the nominees...but everyone here? Because tonight we not only celebrate last year's finest achievements, but also all of us who might on the fast track to Spielberg or Streep or Cruise stardom, but
know that we have something unique, special and wonderful to share with the world.

And to that end, we are not sitting home whimpering and waiting for the phone to ring...we are out there...

...CALLING in favors and doing favors,

...STAYING up later to hours we didn't know existed and getting up before dawn.

...MAXING out our credit cards and calling mom and dad

...GOING without our own lunches because catering ran a little short and we want the crew eats

...SHOOTING day for night with a blackout curtain and some duct tape

...CASTING our girlfriends or boyfriends, not casting our girlfriends or boyfriends and bringing down a rein of holy hell

...THANKING our mothers for making 8 pans of lasagna and thanking our fathers for letting us hold the cast party at our parentʼs house and for providing the beer.

...PULLING the shirt off the DP because the lead actor forgot he was acting in front of a green screen and showed up in a polo shirt the color of asparagus,

...FORGING lasting friendships, eliminatingothers that...well, if they didnʼt understand what we are all about and what we are trying to do then they probably werenʼt our friends in the first place

...AND DEALING bravely with the five million other...setbacks... compromises...fix-it-in-post...didnʼt need it anyway...yes, you can change that line...what do you mean the camera truck is stuck in traffic?...I know we donʼt have a permit, weʼll just shoot until the cops come...YES, I can make two potted palms and a cat-box look like a beach on Maui... BULLCRAP...

...BECAUSE we are the little engines that can and the rebels with a cause, doing any and everything that needs doing; essentially saying to Big Mother Hollywood, “I have a lot to do and even more to say and if youʼre not going to help...I will damn well do it myself, screw you!”

I was going to say "fuck" but we are live-streaming and I promised Susan Bernhardt I would keep it classy.

We matter. We matter. Tonight, we're going to show each other, and Big Mama Hollywood and the world...and anyone else who just happens to be watching...exactly how much.

So play nice, keep yourselves in line and don't make me come out there! Here we go...
Submissions are now being accepted for the 6th Annual Indie Series Awards. For information ISA6 and to submit your web series, visit The early entry (discounted) period ends on November 30.

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