Tuesday, November 4, 2014

’Movie Night’ Releases 12-Episode First Season (Watch Now)

Beth Crudele, Justin Scarelli, Kerrington Fier, Oriana Nudo,
Rachel Wolf and Rance Collins star in Movie Night.
Movie Night is an episodic web series, depicting lives of a group of characters as they meet every week to watch a predetermined film, with unexpected bits of drama in their own lives. The show has now released all 12 of its Season 1 episodes.

In Movie Night, you'll meet Esther (Oriana Nudo), the self-appointed President and CEO of "Movie Night" who doesn't like anything that's not written in her By-Laws. Her childhood friend Kevin (Rance Collins) has a fascination with himself, protein shakes, and Barbra Streisand. You might know his roommate Blake (Kerrington Fier) as that actor who almost got that role in that movie you might have seen. There's also their neighbor La'Sarah (Rachel Wolf) who proudly embraces her South African heritage, and her adoptive family's Jewish religion. Then there's Ashley (Justin Scarelli) who's got a lot of money, loves Judy Garland, and...what does he do again? Lastly, arriving at the front door like a Netflix delivery is the naively precious Jaynee (Beth Crudele), fresh off the bus from Hoboken, and is definitely not in Esther's By-Laws.

The series is written by its six main cast members. Collectively they form the production company By-Law Production.

Check out the trailer for Movie Night below:

You can watch all 12 episodes of Movie Night on the show's YouTube channel.

For more on Movie Night, visit www.movienightseries.com.


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