Tuesday, September 9, 2014

‘The Garden Apartments’: Star-Studded New Web Series Launches

We've all been there: Our murderous husband has been released from jail and all we need is for him to sign the divorce papers and not kill us. Oh, and quarters, we need more quarters for laundry. Welcome to The Garden Apartments, a brand new comedy series for the web, now playing on an internet near you.

The Garden Apartments is the brainchild of Crista Flanagan. You know Crista as ‘Lois,’ the one who ran over her boss with the new lawnmower at the Christmas party on AMC's Mad Men, plus she was a writer/performer on FOX’s MAD TV, and will soon to be seen on CBS' Mom and NBC’s Marry Me. “I created The Garden Apartments just to be cast in a show that doesn’t start with the letter M,” jokes Flanagan, “And I also wanted to experience the freedom of writing, producing, and performing for the web.”

Co-starring Nick Paonessa (Law & Order: LA, The Cleaner) and Stephen Root (Boardwalk EmpireTrue Blood, Office Space), The Garden Apartments could be considered a dark comedy, but Flanagan believes otherwise. “There’s real heart there,” she says, “Buried way, way, way down under all the mess that makes up these character’s collective lives.”

View all four episodes here: www.youtube.com/user/theflanarama.

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