Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wild Rumpus Productions Launches New Web Series Comedy

On November 12th, Wild Rumpus Productions, an arts company devoted to storytelling and accessibility, premiered in conjunction with Bronco Buster Sketch their new web series comedy Direction. Direction is a series that tells the story of an acting teacher with a reoccurring case of mistaken identity and his 4 acting students. Based on a short play by Wild Rumpus Artistic Director Philip Dallmann, Direction explores the consequences of naming your child Mark Paul Grosselar.

Direction is a joint venture between Wild Rumpus Productions and Bronco Buster Sketch, having been written and directed by Rumpus Artistic Director Philip Dallmann and Bronco Buster co-­‐creator Matt Kerstetter, childhood friends. The series was funded by a successful Indiegogo campaign in the fall of 2013. The duo says of the show, “It’s pretty good.” Their mothers speaking about the show say, “It’s all right”.

Direction also features a couple of actresses recently known to the web series community. Kelly Warne, who was recently seen on the hit web series The Residuals, plays Bridgette, a has-­‐been actress who was know for being decapitated in the early 90’s. Joining Kelly is Amanda Nicholas, who was just seen in season 1 of Gigahoes, as Christina, a method actress with an ever-­‐changing stage name. Debuting in Direction is NYC veteran actor Timothy Meadows as Mark Paul Grosselar, Montclair State Senior Isaiah Jenkins as Ray a former child actor, and Philip’s fellow George Mason grad Michel Jerome Faulkner II as Glenn the power nerd.

Watch the first episode below:

Direction can be seen at or on the Wild Rumpus YouTube channel.

Wild Rumpus Productions is where "great stories are given life-­‐-­‐ where the journey is fused with a spirit for adventure. Pursuing ways to revitalize the classics and cultivate new work, we seek to invigorate, animate, inspire and embolden our audiences with the stories we tell."


  1. This was really funny!

  2. There isn't a lot like this out there. Very original. Well done.