Sunday, February 8, 2015

‘Hold For Release' Premieres Today, From Creator Samuel Dyches

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New scripted series Hold For Release is an offbeat comedy about falling in love and the art of procrastination. The series stars Lillian Johnson as Eddie, and Aaron Strand as Eric. The show also features Clayton Landey, Mark Ashworth, Abbey Finch, Stephani Mejia and Omer Mughal. The series has been described as “very self aware and very genius” by some dude on Facebook.

Eddie’s a television writer with a hit web series- at least that's what she tells people in elevators-whenever she’s in elevators-which is never because elevators are for people going places. Honestly, her friends don’t even know she has a web series, which is not a problem because she doesn’t have many friends. But given the chance, she will happily speak about the rising success of her hit web series if the conversation should guide away from her personal issues. She’s in love with the main actor of the series, and she can tell he probably loves her back by the way he avoids eye contact, dodges her advances, and generally talks down to her. It doesn’t help that he’s the co-writer and they have yet to pen the second episode of their hit series. Did we mention she has a fear of riding in elevators?

What else is Eddie? She is a bit of a technophobe, which is unfortunate since she is the creator of an internet web series on the internet as she might describe it. She can change subjects with the best of them. She likes to argue because she feels it’s the highest form of human interaction other than ignoring one another.

What’s this series about? It’s about a young woman named Eddie who wrote and produced a single episode of an internet web series on the internet about a boy she loves who probably rides in elevators all the time but of course she wouldn’t know because he wouldn’t tell her just like he refuses to tell her he loves her probably because it’s true and probably the only thing true because after all its a web series.

Twitter: @dlbfilms #HFR

The Pilot premiered February 8th with episodes released weekly though March.

Hold For Release is created by Samuel Dyches, who has written and directed several short films
including Beautifulese and Cole’s Train; and edited several features, including Knockaround Kids and Finding Forever In Love.

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