Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hit Series ‘Johnny Dynamo' Kicks Off Season 2 On New Network

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Nashville based Left Brain Digital has launched it's new online network with the release of the second season of the hit series, Johnny Dynamo. The series was named one of Variety's top 10 web series of 2013 and will be streamed exclusively on

Johnny Dynamo centers around Robert Pierce Mitchell, a has-been television star from the 80's who has long since been forgotten. Now, more than 25 years later, three young, entertainment upstarts present Mitchell with the idea of resurrecting his career. With a little nudge from his wife, Mitchell sets out to give his career one last chance.

Created by Joe Thomas and Dennis Mareno, the first season of the series garnered over 3 million views, won numerous acting and writing awards at national festivals, and far exceeded the expectations of everyone involved -- garnering serious looks from both television and digital networks.

The much anticipated second season features a much larger cast, including Hollywood notables Terry Kiser (Weekend At Bernie's), and Tiny Lister (The Dark Knight). Additionally, the series has expanded its format to conform to traditional, TV-length episodes.

The small, subscription-based LeftBrainTV network has released all 10 episodes of Johnny Dynamo, and will initially offer only original, scripted series, produced completely in-house by Left Brain Digital.

"We're a small, completely independent network", said Left Brain Digital President, Tom Heydweiller. "We're not pretending to be Netflix or Amazon or anyone else. Thanks to Dynamo, we have a large, loyal fan base who really like our content. Our goal is to continue to produce new series and expand our existing ones".

Unlike other subscription based platforms, LeftBrainTV does not charge a monthly fee. Subscribers can access the complete second season of Johnny Dynamo and upcoming releases for a small, one-time fee.

About LeftBrain TV
LeftBrain TV is the distribution channel for original scripted content produced by Nashville based LBD Productions. The network features LBD's award-winning and critically-acclaimed series, "Johnny Dynamo," which was named one of Variety's Top 10 Independent Series of 2013.

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