Saturday, February 14, 2015

High Concept Web Series 'Online Daters' From LA Comedy Troupe Surpasses One Million Views

LA Weekly’s article “No V-Day Plans? Watch These Web Series About Online Dating” calls Online Daters a “fast-paced, high-concept comedic take on the seemingly life-and-death stakes of online dating” that stands out from the horde of web series about dating.

The series focuses on a team of four guys who tackle each step of the online dating process as if they were in an action movie or procedural TV show. The creators describe it as “the world of online dating mashed up with the high stakes nature of action movies or procedural TV shows.”

Created by Ben Lapides, Ted Sperling, Jonathan Sacramone, Owen Slevin, and Chris Slevin, the episodes are written by Sperling and directed by Lapides.

The first episode of the web series, entitled “The Search,” tallied over a million views on Funny or Die.

Watch below:

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