Tuesday, February 10, 2015

‘Proper Manors' Picked Up for International Distribution

The award-winning online soap opera Proper Manors has been picked up for distribution by Proven Entertainment's Emmy Award winning Producers Conrad L. Ricketts and David DiVona.

Proper Manors, created by Pietro D’Alessio, is starting production on its fourth season in Utah. The show follows the Italian-American Sorrento family in the fictional town of Proper, USA as they navigate small town politics and gossip. The adults of the community use many of the youth as pawns for their own gains, as well as against one another.

"We at Proven Entertainment are enthusiastic about showcasing Proper Manors to the global audience and are confident that the writing and production value will win over audiences near and far." - Conrad Ricketts, Proven Entertainment, Producing Partner.

The series stars Anne Sward, Walter Platz, Carolyn Koskan, Rebecca Peterson, Hunter Gomez and Melinda Chilton. Both Sward and Chilton have won Filmed in Utah Awards for their performances in the series, now wrapping up it’s second season of new episodes, with an additional 40 episodes in the can available for distribution, currently in post-production.

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