Saturday, February 7, 2015

‘The Accidental President': An Average Jane As President Of The United States? It Could Happen

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In the world of politics, anything is possible, and in the new Internet Series from Left Brain Digital, the U.S. Government is turned on it's head when the President, Vice-President and Speaker of the House each suffer a tragic death within minutes of each other. Enter Abigail Adams, an ER Doctor who is thrust onto the World's biggest political stage - albeit against her wishes and her will.

The Accidental President takes a unique, and often comedic look at life inside the White House from the view of complete outsider. Newly appointed Senator Abigail Adams, played by Sarah Shoemaker, is caught between shock, fear, and the Presidential Succession Act when her first day in Washington ends with her assuming the Presidency.

Created by award winning writer Joe Thomas, The Accidental President ushers in a new wave of television quality, independent, Internet productions. The series features a well rounded cast, detailed production design and a well-timed concept - considering the upcoming Presidential Election. Shoemaker is joined by veteran actors Terry Kiser (Weekend At Bernie's, Golden Girls, Carol & Company), Tiny Lister (Friday, The Dark Knight), and Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts (The Pope of Greenwich Village, Runaway Train), as well as a superb ensemble of newcomers.

The series serves as a contrast to LBD's other Internet Series, the critically-acclaimed dramedy, Johnny Dynamo, and the raucous and unpredictable comedy, Mr. Frost. Sarah Shoemaker and Terry Kiser create a delicate balance of laughable situations and dramatic tension punctuated by their obvious chemistry and their performances have received a steady stream of praises from early viewers. This, combined with top tier production quality and a quirky and unique plot, makes The Accidental President a show on par with some of the best Hollywood can offer.

The Accidental President is produced in Nashville, TN. Two episodes of its inaugural season have been released so far and both episodes are completely free and are available on Left Brain Digital's online network,

Watch the trailer below:

The Accidental President on the web

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