Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Watch the Trailer for 'Dream: The Urban Musical,' New Theshay West Drama Coming in March

Dream: The Urban Musical premieres in March.
With music and drama at the center of pop-culture, Theshay West, before he was 22 years old, established his very own film production company called Theshay West Productions. His clientele roster includes major celebrities such as Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, and Kandi Burrus. He has worked for VH1, MTV and was even an associate producer at CNN. His online videos have over 12 million views on YouTube. Now he brings to us Dream: The Urban Musical.

This new web series focuses on the challenges faced by this generation in "post-racial" America. A group of aspiring artists, entrepreneurs and devil's advocates aspire and conspire to be successful in the midst of opportunity and sometimes self-inflicted adversity. Set in a world of music, sex, missed opportunities, and second chances Dream: The Urban Musical shows that following your dream can be one of the hardest things you can do.

Dream: The Urban Musical premieres in March. The web series stars newcomers Siergio, Ayanna, Nzinga Imani, Mary Cecil, Olivia Crosby, Omar Rahsheed and Patrick Lamont, Jr. Written by Theshay West and Selana Allen. Dream: The Urban Musical is created and executive produced by Theshay West.

Watch the trailer below:

Chase Smith (Siergio) is an aspiring actor, hopeful and hungry to make it big, who finds himself between a rock and a crazy place. He is ambitious, talented and though he is an alpha male to perfection...he's got 'female-problems'. Tracy (Jameelah Mullen), his mother is a recovering heroin addict. An addict since he was nine, she is recently released from rehab...again. Tracy attempts to mend the family she once abandoned out in the cold as she hunted for that 'Snow'. Then the love of his life Ava (Ayanna) has returned from NYC after a failed try as a recording artist. If sex were a drug, then he is her secret addiction. Now, there's the Julia (Olivia Crosby) situation. Julia, his self-appointed girlfriend, conspires to get Chase to put a ring on. She's fiance-focused, baby-mama-ready and has made her way ever so close to diverting Chase off course. All he really wants is success, true love and a healthy family. This brings us to two questions. Can he survive these circumstances before his dream becomes a nightmare? Or, has he already awakened to discover that reality like karma is a female-bowwow?

Dream: The Urban Musical on the web
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