Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Trailer Released for New Web Series from Creators of ‘Out With Dad' and ‘LESlieVILLE'

Today, series creators Jason Leaver and Nadine Bell (makers of Out With Dad and LESlieVILLE, respectively) premiere a teaser trailer for their next web series project: But, How Do You Have Sex? This new comedy follows an "out but not loud" lesbian and her best bud, who happens to be in a wheelchair, as they explore the dating scene in Toronto, Ontario. This series is set to begin production later this year, starring award winning actress Kate Conway and actor Russell Winkelaar.

But, How Do You Have Sex? is dramedy web series following a twenty-something paraplegic on his adventures in dating. Late bloomer by circumstance, not by choice, he’s never had a girlfriend or even a first kiss. He’s repeatedly put in the friendzone and judged by being in a wheelchair. Joining him on his quest to “get some” is his best friend, an “out but not loud” lesbian. This odd couple compare notes and navigate the world of dating in a heterosexual able-bodied-centric world.

This series gets right down to it and answers the questions: How do you meet other gay people if you don't want to label yourself? Why do people ask if lesbian sex is really sex? How do disabled people have sex? Can they feel it? And if they don’t feel it, why have sex at all? And why do so many people want him to wear shoes?

Kate Conway is the multi-award winning actress who has captured hearts around the globe playing young lesbian Rose Miller, struggling to come out of the closet in the acclaimed web series Out With Dad - the most watched web series ever produced in Canada. Russell Winkelaar is an advocate for actors with disabilities, and is the executive producer and guest actor of My Gimp Life's second season.

Showrunners Jason Leaver & Nadine Bell continue their mandate of showcasing underrepresented characters in leading roles with But, How Do You Have Sex? Production is contingent on funding approval from the Independent Production Fund. Fans of Out With Dad continually ask if and when there will be a fourth season to Out With Dad. Production and distribution of a fourth season will occur prior to the production of But, How Do You Have Sex?

Watch the trailer below:

But, How Do You Have Sex? on the web
Official Site: http://www.buthowdoyou.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buthowdoyou
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/buthowdoyou


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