Wednesday, March 4, 2015

‘The Girl From Carolina' Raising Money For Season 2

In the new web series The Girl From Carolina, from Well Dang! Productions, Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor never goes looking for trouble. Sometimes it sneaks up and throws her for such a loop that she has no choice but to strap on her heels, straighten her Bump-It and tell it what for.

In season one of Well Dang!'s irreverent comedy-noir webseries, The Girl From Carolina, Ferra (Breanna Foister), gallivants across the South Carolina Upstate with a giant Thermos of beer, doggedly setting things straight. When life serves Ferra up a big slice of “Aww, what the hell?” she teams up with her good-for-nothing friends to dish out vigilante justice - Southern style. Starting in June, in each of the series 10 episodes, Ferra tackles a new low-rent mystery.

Founded in 2001 in Greenville, SC, Well Dang! Productions produces micro-budget films that celebrate stories unexplored, unusual and unlikely. Over the last decade, the group has produced over 20 short films, three feature-length films, and several webseries. Our films have been screened in festivals across the United States, from Boston to Los Angeles.

The series originally began as a short film produced and directed by Alex Wroten in December of 2011.

"I wanted to make a detective short about a rude, polarizing character with no detective experience. It wasn't until Joe Worthen and I started discussing it that the key piece fell into place: our home state of South Carolina. After 8 years of making films in South Carolina that were all 'set' elsewhere, the idea of embracing characters with whom we grew up and attended school was ripe. Planned on a napkin and written in a couple sessions over the next two days, the resulting short film, 'The Girl from Carolina,' came to life thanks to Breanna Foister's embodiment of Ferrari Taylor," Wroten said.

"The original short’s greatest asset was it’s diverse cast of characters, and by expanding into a show, we could spend more time with the characters and relish in even more of their well-intentioned screw-ups. At the end of the day, that's what I am drawn to: quirky characters on their own paths of reason that don't necessarily make sense to everyone around them. Isn't that what the world is like anyway?”

Watch the trailer below:

If you want to be a part of the series, Well Dang! Productions is currently raising money for a potential second season to be filmed in July 2015. Find out how you can be a part of the series at

The Girl From Carolina on the web

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