Sunday, April 12, 2015

Watch the First Season of Portuguese Web Series ‘Barba Rija'

Barba Rija (Rough Beard) is the first Portuguese gay web series about bears made for the internet. It follows the lives of three soft-hearted gay friends--António, Pedro and Ursão (Big Bear)--who live in Lisbon. They work, go out at night and get in romantic adventures. Pedro ended up with his boyfriend and is the group´s lovebird. António is the most rational of the three and has a secret passion. Finally, Big Bear is the strongest, but also the sweetest, who will be surprised with a change in his life. It might look like a soap opera but it´s also comedy at its best. The three are the symbol of fellowship, of various types of affections, concerns and expectations that belong to all human beings. André Murraças, the author (writer and director), is a published author who writes also for theatre and TV and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy.

The show was originally imagined as a 13 episodes web series project, and producers managed to get advertising (bars, clubs, brands), but not enough for the whole series. They decided to take a step back and do one episode through crowdfunding. The campaign was a success and a first season of 7 episodes (each around 5 minutes in length) was produced.

Watch the trailer below:

Written and Directed by André Murraças
With: Alexandre Gregório, Luís Mota, Vitorino Demécio, Gonçalo Pinela, Francisco Goulão, Raquel Castro, Eduardo Molina, Cláudia Palma, etc.
Production: André Murraças and Metamorfose Total
Production Assistant: Daniela Matos
Financial Department: Joaquim René
Audiovisual Production: Other Features (coord. Nuno Neves)
Director of Photography: João Gambino
Photography assistant: Telmo Domingues
Director´s assistant: Nuno Neves
Sound: Sara Matos
Editing: Filipa Gambino
Visual FX: João Correia
Songs: Leva-te Comigo (Music by Pedro Josué, Lyrics by André Murraças), 3 Tempos (by Alex D´Alva, with special agreement with the author), adicional themes by Kevin Macleod.

Barba Rija on the web:
Official Site:
YouTube Channel:

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