Friday, April 10, 2015

‘Serial Scoop Now' 6th Annual Indie Series Awards Red Carpet Show, Hosted by Michael Taylor Gray

Serial Scoop Now was on the red carpet for the 6th Annual Indie Series Awards on Wednesday, April 1, at the historic El Portal Theatre in Los Angeles. Host Michael Taylor Gray interviewed the stars of the web series world on the red carpet.

Part 1 - Ashley Reinke (Miss North Hollywood); Joanna Gaskell (Standard Action); Sheena Metal (The Sheena Metal Experience); Ragged Isle's Barry Dodd and Karen L. Dodd; and Anacostia's Anthony Anderson, Marion Akpan, Lora Lee, Pasha Diallo, Tia Dae, Alexis Robinson Smith, Kelvin Terrell, Melan Perez, Rolfini Whidbee, Rick Kain and Darnell Lamont Walker.

Part 2 - L.A. Macabre's David Schatanoff Jr.; Producing Juliet's Alisha Spielmann, Andy Phelan, Jenny Grace, Tina Cesa Ward and Allison Vanore; Rob Gokee (Pairings); Malice's Philip Cook and Mark Hyde; Julie Ann Emery (Better Call Saul), Broadway's Kevin Earley and Sam McMurray (Cristela); Small Miracles' David Catalano and Julie Saltman; and Slice's Marzy Hart and Amanda Fleming.

Part 3 - Jewvangelist's Becky Kramer, Kaitlin Walsh and Alex Trugman; Pretty's Dee Freeman; Feather and Toast's Mhairi Morrison and Holly Payberg; The Bay's Patrika Darbo, Gregori J. Martin, Kristos Andrews and Chrystal Ayers; We Are Angel's Matthew Wolf; and Youthful Daze's Jen Lilley.

Part 4 - Indie Series Awards founder and producer Roger Newcomb; Indie Series Network director Kevin Mulcahy Jr.; Thurston's Colleen Zenk and Susannah Wells; and Acting Dead's Jillian Clare, Lori Alan, Patrika Darbo, Brian Beacock, Jen Grable, Paul Nygro and Peter Allen Vogt.

Part 5 - ISA6 host Eric Martsolf; Thurston's Kathryn O'Sullivan; DeVanity's Andrea Evans; Milgram and the Fastwalkers' Richard Cutting; Child of the '70s' Paul Belsito and Steven Roche; and Mentor's Jason Stuart, Paul Elia, Lee Garlington and Alexandra Paul.

Part 6 - Youthful Daze's Ethan Daniel Corbett, Bryan James, Mike C. Manning and Yara Estrada; Single & Dating in Vancouver's Chad Riley, Troy Mundle, Janet Walmsley and Marco Bossow; Still's Jonathan Holbrook, Dave Shecter and Bruce Weech; Pete Winning and the Pirates' Mike Donis; and Jonathan Robbins from Asset and Out With Dad.

Part 7 - Capitol Hill's Wes Hurley, Christopher Balder, Harmony Arnold, Annette Toutonghi, Guinevere Turner, Daryle Conners and Bek Harvey; Wallflowers' Kieran Turner, Susan Louise O'Connor, John Halbach, and Michael Turner; EastSiders' Kit Williamson, joined by Girl Like Magic's Julia Eringer; The Bay's Lilly Melgar and Ren Bray; Dating Pains' Megan Duffy, Marc Cartwright, Darielle Deigan and Baker Chase; and Hustling's Sebastian La Cause, Andrew Glaszek, Marc Sinoway and Jessica Press.

Part 8 - Love Midori's Minae Noji, Graham Shiels, Dominc Rains, Kent King and Milton Liu; Jon and Jen are Married's Jackie Geary and Gregory Fitzsimmons; Down Dog's Kim Strother; The Tiffany and Erin Show's Tiffany Berube and Erin Coleman; Burt Paxton's Burt Grinstead and Aaron Fradkin; Whatever, Linda's Mackenzie Donaldson and Martha MacIsaac; Beverly Pills' Ginger Parker and Michael Villar; Sweethearts of the Galaxy's Michael Premsrirat and Brian Donovan; the Bad Lads cast including Jonathan Biver and producer Michael Plewa; and JTS.TV's Carter Mason.

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