Monday, May 4, 2015

Literary Web Series ‘Classic Alice' Enters Production on All-New Season

Groundbreaking literary web series Classic Alice, from Kate Hackett Productions in association with award-winning producer Alexis Edelman and her company Bam!PRODUCED., enters production in Los Angeles on an all-new season.

Classic Alice is a literary web series with a twist - rather than modernizing one novel, the show tackles multiple classics in interesting ways as main character Alice makes life decisions according to the actions of characters in classic literature . . . and has to deal with the fallout. By turns hilarious and moving - and sometimes both at once - the show thoroughly entertains its viewers while making them think about books in new ways.

Creator/writer (and star!) Kate Hackett presents a compelling narrative that draws in teen and young adult fans who interact with the show and characters across social media as Classic Alice brings the value of the humanities to the forefront. Alice's story so far reaches across 7 books and 54 episodes; it's garnered over 11,000 YouTube subscribers and almost a million views, as well as great reviews from outlets including Reading Rainbow, NPR, Hello Giggles, GeekyNews, and the Daily Dot.

The last few episodes left viewers more eager than ever for more Classic Alice, so this winter, over a thousand enthusiastic fans raised more than $55,000 via the #SaveAlice Indiegogo campaign to fund a new season. This will allow Classic Alice to move beyond vlog-style filming and out into Alice's world, and to take on a new range of classics, starting with Henry David Thoreau's Walden. With this come myriad opportunities for fans to immerse themselves in the world of the show via transmedia, as they talk to the characters on Twitter, reblog them on Tumblr, listen to their podcasts, and even contribute to a new interactive literary magazine.

Classic Alice returns summer 2015 with new books, new faces, new locations, and new adventures for the characters who have already enchanted thousands of viewers.

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