Saturday, May 16, 2015

‘Or So the Story Goes' Is Back With Happy Thoughts For Season 2

Melissa Malone's Or So the Story Goes started years ago as an outreach program to teach local kids the ins and outs of filmmaking. Two summers ago it grew and became a "test project" that eventually turned into Season One of Or So the Story Goes: Little Rosemary (a dark retelling of Little Red Riding Hood). The show was a success and, thanks to the combined efforts of adults and teens alike, the second season ("Happy Thoughts") is now being released.

Meet the Darling family. After a rocky year, they have moved into a new home that contains a big paranormal problem- the ghosts of a charming yet homicidal teenage boy named Peter and his previous victims. When Peter's obsession with their oldest daughter puts the entire family at risk- they are left with no choice but to enlist in the help of a team of ghost hunters. Enter Jane Hook, the leader of the ghost hunting team and the one person more invested than the Darlings in ridding Peter of this world for good. Time is ticking, and it's anyone's game.

Season 2 has a total run time of 70 minutes, with 7 episodes total. Not only does the show have many talented child and teen cast members, but also a 13-year-old assistant director, as well as three teen musicians included in the soundtrack.

Three episodes have now been released in the "Happy Thoughts" arc. Watch the latest, titled "Tick Tock," below:

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