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RESULTS: Web Series of the Week Poll (April 18-24, 2015)

Family Problems was voted favorite web series of the week.
The results are in from the Indie Series Network's Web Series of the Week poll for April 18-24, 2015.

Family Problems was voted favorite web series for the week. The latest from of Chocolate City was second, followed by Proper Manors, the series premiere of Double Agents, and a new Miles + Cal.

The acting favorites were Family Problems' John Samela and Wendy Hartman, and the favorite couple/duo was Christina & Alexander from Family Problems.

Check out the complete results below including the Favorite Actor, Actress and Couple/Duo of the Week:

1Family Problems223
2Chocolate City-5
3Proper Manors325
4Double Agents-0
5Miles + Cal-0
7The Misselthwaite Archives41
9Youthful Daze71
10Sixteen Unsweetened-0
12State of Disgrace-0
13The Single Life170
15Real Mommy Confessions-0
16Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey-1
17Q's One Night Stands-0
18This Is Art-0
20Real Hollywood140
21Young Love-0
23How I Seize It130
24From Mansfield With Love60

Watch the Top 3 series and see the rest of the poll results below:

John Samela (Chief Alexander Hudson in Family Problems) was voted Favorite Actor for the week.

1John Samela, Family Problems28
2Rodney 'Ro' Mack, Chocolate City-1
3Tremayne Norris, Chocolate City-3
4Orion Hansen, Proper Manors-3
5Mackenzie Johnson, Double Agents-0

Wendy Hartman (Detective Rebecca Ellison in Family Problems) was voted Favorite Actress for the second week in a row.

1Wendy Hartman, Family Problems128
2Natasha Hatalsky, Family Problems416
3Montrece Hill, Chocolate City-1
4Melinda Chilton, Proper Manors16
5Landra V. Phillips, Chocolate City-1

The Favorite Couple/Duo for the week was Christina & Alexander from Family Problems.

1Christina & Alexander, Family Problems213
2Fatima & Christina, Chocolate City-1
3Chyna & Xavier, Chocolate City-1
4Joey & Jane, Proper Manors-4
5Jack & Ginger, Ordained-0

Links to last week's indie series below:
- BoysTown Season 2 Episode 5
- BUTS Episode 4 "Spanish Class"
- Chocolate City Episode 4 "A Time for Reflection..."
- Double Agents Episode 001 "Russian Invasion!"
- Family Problems Episode 46 "Help"
- From Mansfield With Love No.40 "Scenes to Film Behind" & No.41 "Anhalt Head Hunt"
- How I Seize It Episode 161 "Welfare"
- Karma Season 2 Episode 19 "Love. Hate. Mistakes"
- Miles + Cal Episode 4
- The Misselthwaite Archives Episodes 17 "Baby Got Brimley'd" & 18 "A Tale of Two Cousins"
- Ordained Episode 3 "Little Stevie"
- Proper Manors Season 2 Episode 18 "The Return Part I"
- Q's One Night Stands "Cinco Cero," "Daddy's Girl," "The Babysitter," "The Negotiator" & "The Mindreader"
- Real Hollywood Episode 4 "The Racist Agent"
- Real Mommy Confessions "I Chose the Perfect Partner"
- Rivals Episode 1 "Cheat Code" (series premiere)
- Roomies Episode 11 "Just Like A Real Boy!"
- The Single Life Episode 6 "Family Fun"
- Sixteen Unsweetened Episode 1 "Happy Birthday"
- State of Disgrace Episode 6 (season finale)
- Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey Season 3 Episode 2 "Adam Ray"
- This Is Art Episode 9 "Method Acting"
- Transitions Episode 4 "Death Wish"
- Triangle Episode 19 "The Last Supper"
- Young Love Episode 1 "The Captains" (series premiere) & 2 "The Witch & Her Creation"
- Youthful Daze Season 3 Episode 31 "Rumor Has It"

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