Thursday, June 4, 2015

‘New Mayor of New York' Releases First Three Episodes

Ethan Slater and Isaac Jay star in New Mayor of New York.
New Mayor of New York is a "Quasi-Musical Comedy Web Series" about Nathan (Ethan Slater), an unlikely candidate for the Mayor of New York and his comedian/roommate/campaign manager, Dylan (Isaac Jay). In the first three episodes, released this week, we meet Phil (Nick Pearl) the eager reporter, Laura (Natalie Margolin), an eccentric Millionaire, Quinn (Peter Falls), the more-qualified opponent, and Carl (Danny Skinner) the....intern.... Follow the ensemble as they learn that sometimes, politics is super tough.

New Mayor of New York was created and written by Isaac Jay and Ethan Slater, and produced by Ashlei Hardenburg, Martin Couch, Isaac Jay and Ethan Slater. The show features music by Ethan Slater.

Watch the first three episodes below:

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