Saturday, June 27, 2015

POLL: Web Series of the Week (June 20-26, 2015)

In the last Indie Series Network and Serial Scoop "Web Series of the Week" (#WSOTW) poll, Family Problems was voted favorite indie series for the week. It's now time to catch up on latest episodes and vote for your favorite series in this week's poll.

You can also cast a vote for your favorite actor, actress and web series couple/duo. Voting ends Wednesday, July 1 at 4 p.m. ET (one vote per person per day).

Web series that aired one or more new episodes from June 20-26, 2015 are eligible. If an indie series aired this week and is not on the list, cast your vote as "Other" and write in your choice.

Watch this week's indie series below:
- 848 Episode 4 "And the Holy Ghost"
- Classic Alice Episodes 59 "Herald of Freedom" & 60 "Confessional: Marcus"
- Cupid Episode 5 "First Date"
- Dating Dummy Episode 4
- Entangled with You Episode 13 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
- Family Problems Episode 53 "Masked"
- From Mansfield With Love No.58 "Third-Wheeling" & No.59 "Growing Hearts"
- How I Seize It Episode 167 "Menopause"
- New Mayor of New York Episode 6 "Exit Poll"
- One Wife to Give Episode 22 "Murder in Rhine Valley" (season finale)
- Project Heat Episode 5
- Raymond & Lane Season 2 Episode 11 "The Auditions with Jamie Brewer"
- The Realm Episode 1 "Path 1 :The Girl" (series premiere)
- The Reversal Episode 3 "Sexting & The Youth Pt. 1"
- Rivals Episode 10 "1-UP"
- The Young & The Undead Episode 1

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