Friday, May 29, 2015

RESULTS: Web Series of the Week Poll (May 16-22, 2015)

Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts was voted favorite web series of the week.
The results are in from the Indie Series Network and Serial Scoop "Web Series of the Week" (#WSOTW) poll for May 16-22, 2015.

Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts was voted favorite web series for the week. A new episode of Real Mommy Confessions was second, followed by the latest from Raymond & Lane, Proper Manors and Whole Day Down.

The acting favorites were Bryan Civitarese and Melissa Malone from Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts, and the favorite couple/duo was Raymond & Lane from Raymond & Lane.

Check out the complete results below including the Favorite Actor, Actress and Couple/Duo of the Week:

1Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts32
2Real Mommy Confessions24
3Raymond & Lane-4
4Proper Manors-26
5Whole Day Down40
6Double Agents-0
7Hunting Season84
8Town Car Willie6-
9Youthful Daze91
10From Mansfield With Love190
12Preflight Launch-0
13Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey-1
14Troy's Big Break-0
15Real Hollywood130
16Sixteen Unsweetened-0
17This Is Art-0
18Hey Mama-0

Watch the Top 3 series and see the rest of the poll results below:

Bryan Civitarese (Ronnie in Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts) was voted Favorite Actor for the week.

1Bryan Civitarese, OSTSG: Happy Thoughts-1
2Troy LaPersonerie, Raymond & Lane-5
3Willie Garson, Whole Day Down/Town Car Willie22
4Hunter Gomez, Proper Manors-6
5Xioger Sandoval, Real Mommy Confessions-0

Melissa Malone (Jane Hook in Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts) was voted Favorite Actress for the week

1Melissa Malone, OSTSG: Happy Thoughts32
2Susan Louise O'Connor, Raymond & Lane-1
3Teegan Weiske, Double Agents-1
4Cathleen Mason, Proper Manors-0
5Francesca Fauci, Whole Day Down21

The Favorite Couple/Duo this week was Saint Anne & Ester from Whole Day Down.

1Raymond & Lane, Raymond & Lane-8
2Ronnie & Percy, OSTSG: Happy Thoughts22
3Brock & Cori, Double Agents-2
4Joey & Trina, Proper Manors-0
5Patrick & Hunter, Whole Day Down50

Links to last week's indie series below:
- Double Agents Episode 3 "Pillows are Forever"
- From Mansfield With Love No.48 "Two Soy Mochas" & No.49 "The New Dress"
- Hey Mama Episode 3 "Pam gets up in dat a**"
- Hunting Season Season 2 Episode 3
- Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts Episode 4 "Will C"
- Preflight Launch Episode 10 "Lucky Thirteen"
- Proper Manors Season 2 Episode 20 "The Return Part III" (season finale)
- Raymond & Lane Season 2 Episode 9 "Dial-A-Dope Infomercial"
- Real Hollywood Episode 8 "Strip Training"
- Real Mommy Confessions "I Kinda Like It"
- Rivals Episode 5 "Deathmatch"
- Sixteen Unsweetened Episode 3 "Family Lockdown"
- Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey Season 3 Episode 4 "Jay Ellis"
- This Is Art Episode 11 "Dramatic Irony"
- Town Car Willie Episode 5 "Fast and Furious 8"
- Troy's Big Break Episode 8 "For a Change, Part 2"
- Whole Day Down Season 2 Episode 4 "Pale Ryder"
- Youthful Daze Season 3 Episode 35 "Youthful Daze: The Musical"

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