Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Watch the First Season of New Jessica Leigh Smith Series ‘Alyssa's Tips for Easy Parenting'

Jessica Leigh Smith stars in Alyssa's Tips for Easy Parenting.
Atlanta actress Jessica Leigh Smith has released Season One of her self-produced web series title Alyssa's Tips for Easy Parenting. On May 6, the show premiered its first two episodes on YouTube, then released a new episode each week thereafter, for a total of seven episodes. Each episode is under five minutes.

Smith stars as Alyssa, who believes herself to be the perfect mommy. In an effort to distract her from admonishing them, her friends encourage her to start her own mommy vlog. In it, Alyssa shares all she has learned in her two short years as mommy to Mary Grace, “MG for short.” Alyssa is naïve to her own arrogance, yet retains an odd likeability.

Watch the first episode below:

Season Two is currently in pre-production, with an expected fall 2015 release.

Watch the entire first season on Smith's YouTube channel.

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