Monday, July 13, 2015

Watch ‘The Gangstas' Pilot, Second Episode To Be Released On July 27

The Gangstas returns on July 27.
The Gangstas is a comedy web series created by David Terrell Green that chronicles the misadventures of a group of non-threatening mobsters as they carry out their every day "un-organized" crimes.

Marcus Campbell (Green) is the leader of a local drug ring, but work seems to always take a backseat as he constantly has to deal with the irresponsibility of his fellow employees…all while having to appease his higher ups.

The cast includes David Terrell Green as Marcus, Lamar "Wiird Kyd" Berry as Joe, Zay Gaines as Connor, Tierre "Kontraversee" Cabbell as Reggie, Terry Taylor as Reece, Roscoe Bryant as Officer Andre (Cop #1), Reggie "Atilli" Pinkney as Tony, King ISO as Willie, Phil "BP" Bland as Nick, Labrone Walker as Allen, and Rickey Robinson as Cop #2.

A pilot episode has already been released, and a second episode will be released on July 27. Watch the premiere below:

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