Friday, June 12, 2015

Watch the Premiere of ‘Between the Sidewalk and the Street'

Between the Sidewalk and the Street premiered Friday, June 12 on YouTube. Between the Sidewalk and the Street (BTSWATS for short), stars Piyali Syam as Sonia, a young writer who gives up a spot in a prestigious writing program to hone her craft in Brooklyn, but instead of the hip literary community of her dreams, she finds underground poets, scam artists, and murderous playwrights. The show touches upon everything from quarter-life crises, to gentrification of Brooklyn, to seething parental disapproval.

You can watch our first episode, "Congratulations!" below.

BTSWATS also stars Clay von Carlowitz as Rob, Sonia’s naïve boyfriend, and Marissa Stewart as Andrea, a brash Brooklyn native not afraid to call Sonia out. The show was created by Daniel Goulden and Jasper Johnson. BTSWATS is one of the first shows released by Shtickfigures, a collective of writer, filmakers, artists, and musicians, dedicated to providing top-notch, internet-ready projects.

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