Monday, July 20, 2015

Hayley and Alyce Adams Series ‘i can’t even.' Premieres August 3

Tiana Hogben and Louise Cox star in i can’t even.
i can’t even. is the debut web series from twin sisters and Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) graduates Hayley and Alyce Adams that follows two self-proclaimed pop culture nerds, Em and Lex living vicariously through their favourite cult fandoms.

Starring Louise Cox and Tiana Hogben as Em and Lex respectively, i can’t even. explores the dynamics of the two best friends who could not be more different; with their clashing personalities often leading to unconventional situations featuring an array of their obsessions from Harry Potter to The Hunger games.

Em and Lex are not in the least bit shy about expressing their fangirl quirks and characteristics which even the most casual enthusiasts can relate to; whether it be arguing over the Star Wars prequels vs. sequels or taking jabs at one’s secret love for Twilight. Drawing inspiration from popular web series including The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Chris & Josh, writer and co-creator Alyce Adams’ self-confessed idea for the series came from spending too much time on tumblr and not enough on her degree. The subject matter was an obvious choice to Alyce and said of it, “They say to write what you know, and making bad sexual puns about Peeta from The Hunger Games is literally something that has happened to us. The life of a nerd can furnish some crazy stories, and all we did was heighten some of the situations.”

Producer and co-creator Hayley Adams added, “It's one thing to write into a scene a life size cardboard cut-out of Edward Cullen, and another to actually get one. Likewise, setting a whole episode at Oz Comic Con is easier to write than shoot it. As you can see, the fact that this production ever got off the ground still astounds us. Our dedicated cast and crew were amazing.”

The Australian sketch comedy will feature six episodes, all to be released simultaneously on YouTube August 3rd 2015. Each episode, a three to six minute sketch is a humorous take on the duo’s everyday life, guided by their fangirl tendencies focussing on a particular book, TV show, film or character.

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