Friday, July 3, 2015

RESULTS: Web Series of the Week Poll (June 20-26, 2015)

Family Problems was voted favorite web series of the week.
The results are in from the Indie Series Network and Serial Scoop "Web Series of the Week" (#WSOTW) poll for June 20-26, 2015.

Family Problems was voted favorite web series for the third week in a row. Entangled with You was second, followed by new episodes of Raymond & Lane, The Young and the Undead and New Mayor of New York.

The acting favorites were Family Problems' John Samela and Wendy Hartman, and the favorite couple/duo was Raymond & Lane from Raymond & Lane.

Check out the complete results below:

1Family Problems130
2Entangled with You-1
3Raymond & Lane-5
4The Young and the Undead-0
5New Mayor of New York32
6Classic Alice50
7The Realm-0
8How I Seize It-0
9The Reversal-1
10Dating Dummy100
11Project Heat-0
12From Mansfield With Love80
16One Wife to Give-0

Watch the Top 3 series and see the rest of the poll results below:

John Samela (Chief Alexander Hudson in Family Problems) was voted Favorite Actor for the second week in a row.

1John Samela, Family Problems114
2Al Thompson, Entangled with You-1
3Troy LaPersonerie, Raymond & Lane-7
4David Spates, Entangled with You-0
5Darren Matyas, The Young and the Undead-0

Wendy Hartman (Detective Rebecca Ellison in Family Problems) was voted Favorite Actress for the week.

1Wendy Hartman, Family Problems234
2Natasha Hatalsky, Family Problems123
3Jamie Brewer, Raymond & Lane-1
4Shannan Leigh Reeve, Entangled with You-0
5Rachel Hiebert, The Young and the Undead-0

The Favorite Couple/Duo this week was Raymond & Lane from Raymond & Lane.

1Raymond & Lane, Raymond & Lane-10
2Christina & Alexander, Family Problems120
3Jen & Kassie, Entangled with You-1
4Vicki & Robert, The Young and the Undead-0
5Jaliyah & Rocky, Entangled with You-1

Links to last week's indie series below:
- 848 Episode 4 "And the Holy Ghost"
- Classic Alice Episodes 59 "Herald of Freedom" & 60 "Confessional: Marcus"
- Cupid Episode 5 "First Date"
- Dating Dummy Episode 4
- Entangled with You Episode 13 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
- Family Problems Episode 53 "Masked"
- From Mansfield With Love No.58 "Third-Wheeling" & No.59 "Growing Hearts"
- How I Seize It Episode 167 "Menopause"
- New Mayor of New York Episode 6 "Exit Poll"
- One Wife to Give Episode 22 "Murder in Rhine Valley" (season finale)
- Project Heat Episode 5
- Raymond & Lane Season 2 Episode 11 "The Auditions with Jamie Brewer"
- The Realm Episode 1 "Path 1 :The Girl" (series premiere)
- The Reversal Episode 3 "Sexting & The Youth Pt. 1"
- Rivals Episode 10 "1-UP"
- The Young & The Undead Episode 1

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