Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Butterfleye Films presents Fantasy, Romantic Mystery ‘The Realm'

The Realm premiered in June.
The Realm is a Fantasy, Romantic Mystery. It follows the story of James Lockwood (Sacco Sarkis) and a mysterious girl (Kimberley Miller) who he finds naked on his doorstep. She has no memory of herself or her magical powers. They race to discover who she is and why people from her realm are crossing over to our world to capture or kill her. We follow the story both here on Earth and in The Realm, but eventually the two worlds will collide!

The series will air for two season as well as have three short films to fill out the back story. The finale will be a two-hour film to tie everything up.

Another unique aspect of this series is that there is a show with in a show. The Girl while on earth gets hooked on a soap opera called Harrington Hospital. This will end up playing a part in season 2 but the series itself is also in the web for anyone to view.

Watch the latest episode ("Path 5: Metamorphosis") below:

You can visit the show's official website for more information and to catch up on the the season at

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