Thursday, July 30, 2015

Classic Alice Transmedia Expands with Character Diaries

Innovative literary webseries Classic Alice is taking transmedia beyond the Internet to a new and deeply personal place: its characters' diaries. The whole audience hears what the characters say to the camera, what they tweet, what they post on Tumblr - but what do they write in their paper diaries when they're all alone? For the first time, fans can read the innermost thoughts and feelings their favorite character won't share with the Internet by reading his or her diary, composed by show creator/writer/star Kate Hackett and written out in each character's individual handwriting.

Hundreds of fans have already signed up to receive diary entries all season long from a character of their choice - allowing them to go deeper into the life and mind of one of the main characters, like Alice or Andrew, or to learn more about one of the supporting characters, like Alice's roommate Cara or unseen cameraman Nathan. Diary entries allow viewers to become immersed in the world of the show from one character's point of view - or to connect with fellow fans to catch up on the private lives of other characters as well.

In celebration of Classic Alice's recent one million view milestone, fans who requested diary entries in the first week of sign-ups received a paper version of the first entry in the mail for free, anywhere in the world. Fans could then opt to continue receiving a weekly electronic version of the diary for free or to purchase a subscription to receive a paper entry in the mail each week. The paper versions include a whiff of the character's perfume or cologne, and, for a limited time, fans who sign up for a paper subscription will also receive a personalized note from their character!

Miss the first round of sign-ups? It's not too late! Leading lady Alice is sold out, but a limited number of subscriptions are still available for other characters. Fans who sign up will receive copies of the entries they missed to get them up to speed on everything going on in their character's world. Just go to the Classic Alice site to learn more and sign up to become a part of this unique transmedia experience!

Want to learn more about Classic Alice? Check out the FAQ, then catch up via this playlist or experience the episodes and in-world transmedia together on the Narrative page. New episodes appear on the show's YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. PDT.

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