Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Comedy Crime Drama ‘Chancers' Launches in Late August

Chancers tells the story of three lads who have a plan to make lots of money in a short space of time.
Comedy crime drama Chancers is set to premiere later this month. The show was written by Scott Wickes and Tom Walder.

George (Scott Wickes), one of our three Chancers is forever being moaned at for not making enough money by his ever demanding wife, even though he works all the hours he can as a builder. On top of that he lives with the in-laws so to save money for their own house.

After struggling to make the extra money needed to get on the property ladder, George comes up with a plan to make some quick easy cash. With his work mate Greg (Connor Mills) on board along with Neil (Nicholas Clarke) who knows about the drugs trade, what could go wrong?

Director Tom Walder commented: "For me as a director, Chancers represented a genre that I had not yet really explored in a creative capacity. So when Scott Wickes (writer & actor) and Randa Hajallie (producer) offered me the role of director, I jumped at the chance.

At its core, Chancers is a tale about three average Joe's, three amigos if you will. It’s a story in which everything that could go wrong, does go wrong and theres very little our hapless heroes can do except roll with the punches. But theres a element of charm to it too. A subtle comedy that flows throughout which I really feel is what makes it.

The project as a whole really encapsulated me and it was truly wonderful to see a cast (and crew for that matter) that formed such a robust chemistry. Throughout the project the cast endured numerous and frequent script changes, yet they adapted and really brought it to life.

The longevity of the project is still much of a mystery - even to me! Yet having already shot a few episodes, I can already feel the wheels in motion for the third."

Watch the trailer for Chancers below:

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  1. Been looking forward to this can't wait for it to start, do you know what channel it will be aired on?