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Raindance Web Fest Announces Official Program

Raindance Web Fest, the UK’s only dedicated web series festival and streaming video industry networking event, has today announced 2015’s line-up of screenings and events.

The third Raindance Web Fest, part of the Raindance Film Festival program, is set to return from 25th - 27th September 2015, at Vue Cinema, Piccadilly, where it will host five world premieres including Career Boy, Lost & Found II, Muzzled the Musical and The Paradox Series.

Blowing the Budget, created by Crims actor, Ed Kear, will also debut at this year’s festival. Kear, best known for comedies and films such as Mark Jackson’s This Isn’t It, Spy and North + Sense, will be premiering his latest comedy which follows his journey of being approached by a comedy channel to produce a web series and given free reign with the budget.

Returning for 2015, Web Fest will host the Raindance Independent Series Awards (RISA) for the second year running – an awards ceremony dedicated to recognising upcoming talent within the industry. The BISA’s high profile jury includes Conde Nast’s Director of Video Content, Danielle Bennison-Brown, Head of YouTube’s Next Lab EMEA at Google, David Ripert and Channel 4’s Head of All 4 and Digital Content, Richard Davidson- Houston.

Categories in this year’s festival include Best British Series, Best International Series, Best Leading Actor and two new awards, Best Writing and Best Directing, as well as special awards, Critic’s Choice Award and Special Festival Award.

Also taking place at Raindance Web Fest will be a series of panels featuring speakers such as ITV’s Director of Drama , Steve November, BBC Comedy’s Producer, Jon Aird, Endemol Beyond’s Executive Producer, Hass Mosa and popular UK YouTubers such as Thomas ‘Tomska’ Ridgewell, who is a veteran of the YouTube generation.

Elisar Cabrera, Web Fest Founder comments: “2015 brings another exciting line up for this year’s Web Fest, with five world premieres and a host of industry events. We’re proud to be able to highlight the brilliant filmmaking talent of the digital world and recognise their hard work and creativity as well as continue the Raindance Independent Series Awards into its second year. This year will also celebrate our largest ever selection of British and Irish made web series screenings that we’ve ever had.“

Raindance Web Fest Passes* are available now and offer access to all Web Fest screenings and panels (excluding Web Fest Awards) – tickets can be purchased via

*Raindance Web Fest Pass [Friday 25th to Sunday 27th Sept]- Access to all Web Fest screenings & panels - excluding Raindance Independent Series Awards

Full Price - £100.00
Concession - £85.00
Raindance Member - £80.00

WORLD PREMIERES at Raindance Web Fest 2015

·         Blowing the Budget (UK)
Created by: Ed Kear / Quipstar / Videojug Networks / Directed by: Ed Kear
Comedian Ed Kear has been approached by comedy channel Quipstar to produce a web series. He's given total freedom with the budget which turns out to be something Quipstar will regret.
·         Career Boy (UK)
Created by: Izzy Tennyson & Scott Hurran / Directed by: Scott Hurran
Lily and Daniel are old acquaintances from school, but are forced back together as they try to make sense of the world, on their dreaded commute to work.
·         Lost & Found II (USA)Created by: Brett Register / Directed by: Brett Register
A strange deck of cards leads to a series of compounding mysteries for two roommates and their neighbours.
·         Muzzled the Musical (USA)Created by: Zach Grafton, Jason Charles Miller, Matthew Mercer / Directed by: Sean Becker
Welcome to the Royal Kingdom, where singing is power. With a song, you can bring peace to the downtrodden, bake a delicious cake... even KILL!
·         The Paradox Series (UK)
Created by: James O'Shea, Jonathan Moyies / Directed by: James O'Shea
Cast: Canice Bannon, Steve Watts, Georgina Blackledge
The Paradox Series is a feature length online film series. A gripping character drama exploring the creation of time-travel technology in the modern age.

WORLD PREMIERE EPISODES at Raindance Web Fest 2015

·         EastSiders (USA)Created by: Kit Williamson / Directed by: Kit Williamson
EastSiders is a dark comedy about a gay couple living in Silver Lake, and the sad and funny messes we make out of our lives.
New Episodes Premiere - series is available online but new, unreleased episode(s) will screen at Raindance
·         Jezabel (France)Created by: Julien Capron, Julien Bittner, Eric Pellegrin, Rémy Reboullet / Directed by: Julien Bittner
Jezabel is not your average rock'n'roll musician: she's mute. Until the day a music label offers her more than a record deal: an opportunity to make her voice heard.
New Episodes Premiere - series is available online but new, unreleased episode(s) will screen at Raindance

*JUDGES at the Raindance Independent Series Awards

·         Rose Adkins, CEO, Screenhits
·         Sam Barcroft, CEO, Barcroft Media
·         Danielle Bennison-Brown, Director of Video Content, Condé  Nast
·         Alex Boden, Producer, Pistachio Pictures
·         Triona Campbell, Producer, beActive Entertainment
·         Tina Cesa Ward, Executive Producer-Writer-Director
·         Richard Davidson-Houston, Head of All4 and Digital Content, Channel 4
·         Sam Delaney, Executive Producer, Studio 60 Billion
·         Daniela Dilorio, Host, WebVee Guide
·         Mike Fly, Producer-Director
·         Robert Franke, Chief Content Office, Viewster AG
·         Peter Gerard, Director of Audience Development and Content Operation, Vimeo
·         Kathleen Grace, Chief Creative Officer, New Form Digital
·         Baby Isako, Writer
·         Lilly Ladjevardi, International Director of Talent, Maker Studios
·         Ashley Mackenzie, Founder, Base79
·         Hayley McKenzie, Founder, Script Angel
·         Hass Mosa, Executive Producer, Endemol Beyond
·         Joanna Rahim, Content Development Director, Time Inc
·         David Ripert, Head of YouTube Next Lab EMEA, Google
·         Katie Sakka, Head of Channel Development, Zoomin.TV
·         Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer, Canadian Film Office
·         Steve Turney, VP of Sales and Acquisitions, Power Entertainment
·         Carter Mason, Co-Founder/CEO,

FESTIVAL PREMIERES at Raindance Web Fest 2015

·         #SketchPack (UK)
·         8 Acre (UK)
·         Ashbeclee (Australia)
·         The Collection of F*cked Up Stories from Around the World (USA)
·         CTRL (Ireland)
·         The First Musketeer (UK)
·         I'm Harry Clark (USA)
·         JustBoobs Sketch (USA)
·         Life's Work (Canada)
·         Morganville (USA)
·         My Wife is a Pastor (Switzerland)
·         Nikola Tesla and the End of the World (UK)
·         No Pillowfights (USA)
·         (R)onanism (Ireland)
·         Rapt (Ireland)
·         Redheads Anonymous (USA)
·         Turn Me Online (UK)
·         Til Death (UK)
·         Vageniuses (USA)
·         Wildcats (USA)
·         Wireless (UK)
·         Year of Spies (UK)

British Independent Series Awards 2015 Nominees

supported by

·         1000 Londoners (UK: Mark Currie, Rachel Wang - producers)
·         Blowing the Budget (UK: Ed Kear - creator)
·         History Bombs (UK: Chris Hobbs - creator)
·         Nikola Tesla and the End of the World (UK: Ian Strang - creator)
·         Til Death (UK: Hayley Smith, Rob Jones, Glen Kirby - creators)
·         Turn Me Online (UK: Hannah Megan Lane, Suzie Preece - creators)

supported by MCM Comic Con

·         The Banks (Canada: Adam Kosh - creator)
·         The Impossibilities (USA: Anna Kerrigan, Kati Rediger, Ash Springer - creators)
·         The Katering Show (Australia: Kate McLennan, Kate McCartney - creators)
·         Life's Work (Canada: Ben Proudfoot, Andrea Batista - producers)
·         Phoenix Run (USA: TJ Walker, creator)
·         Wildcats (USA: Rachel Puchkoff, creator)


·         Amy Hartman & Melissa Martin for Dog Bytes (USA)
·         Roseanne Liang & Simon Ward for Flat3 (New Zealand)
·         M. Elizabeth Eller for Manic Pixie Dream Wife (USA)
·         John Luc for mychonny moves in (Australia)
·         Ric Forster & Louna Maroun for Neighbours vs Zombies (Australia)
·         Daniel Quirke for Quirkology (UK)

·         Jay Ferguson for Guidestones; Sunflower Noir  (Canada)
·         Ben Proudfoot for Life’s Work (Canada)
·         Eron Carruth for Stricken (Canada)
·         Eric Piccoli for Project-M (Canada)
·         Kieron J. Walsh for Rapt (Ireland)
·         Rachel Puchkoff for Wildcats (USA)


·         Aljin Abella for Hunter n Hornet (Australia)
·         Mickey Blaine for I’m Harry Clark (USA)
·         Kati Rediger for The Impossibilities (USA)
·         Cody Smith for Manic Pixie Dream Wife (USA)
·         Suzie Preece for Turn Me Online (UK)
·         Linnea Sage for Wildcats (USA)


·         The Banks (Canada)
·         Dog Bytes (USA)
·         Dring (France)
·         The Katering Show (Australia)
·         Neighbours vs Zombies (Australia)
·         (R)onanism (Ireland)

supported by

·         Perfect Girl (Singapore) nominated for editing
·         History Bombs (UK) nominated for cinematography
·         Life’s Work (Canada) nominated for music score
·         Project-M (Canada) nominated for cinematography
·         The First Musketeer (UK) nominated for production and costume design
·         Wildcats (USA) nominated for sound design

supported by Maker Studios

·         John Michael Howard - writer/producer, 8 Acre (UK)
·         Adam Kosh & Ariane Bessette - writers, The Banks (Canada)
·         Harriet Sams - director, The First Musketeer (UK)
·         Julianne Donelle - writer/director No Pillowfights (USA)
·         Elisabeth Ness - writer, Redheads Anonymous (USA)
·         Rachel Puchkoff - writer/director, Wildcats (USA)

Special Awards:

supported by BuzzMyVideos

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