Friday, September 25, 2015

Comedy ‘Rare Birds of Fashion' Tackles the World of Plus Size Fashion

“This body positive web series is the best thing to hit the internet this week” -
Greetings from Tromaville! For the first time ever, Troma President and Creator of the Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman makes a cameo in filmed entertainment entirely void of head crushings, explosive chicken zombie massacres or nuclear meltdowns! Kaufman plays a 'Fat Camp Counselor' in the the hot new web series, Rare Birds of Fashion, a breakout episodic show about plus size fashion. The series among others, stars Broadway's Icon, Nancy Opel, Stephanie Gibson, Haley Rawson and comedian Jackie Zebrowski.

Finally! A show about plus size fashion! Rare Birds of Fashion is a new comedy about two awesome, funny, smart entrepreneurs who say F*ck the Fashion Rules, let's launch a fashion line that fits everyone.

The series is produced by "The Commish" as Lloyd refers to his wife, the former New York State Film Commissioner, Pat Kaufman, and Producer Jackie Schwartz, And if that isn't enough, the show is filmed and directed by Kaufman's two mutant daughters, Charlotte Kaufman (f.k.a Audrey in Terror Firmer) and Lily Hayes Kaufman. If you love the Coen brothers, you will really love the Kaufman sisters.

75% of America wears above a size 14, but less than 20% of the $108 billion apparel market is plus size. Why do designers ignore the plus size community? What will your daughter think about her body after seeing unhealthy super skinny models at next week's New York Fashion Week?

These Rare Birds aren't afraid to show off awesome women in all shapes and sizes! The show is centered around two ambitious women entrepreneurs who defy the status quo by launching a plus size fashion line.

Lloyd Kaufman plays a Nasty Camp Counselor who terrorizes
leading lady Brenda (comedian Jackie Zebrowski).
Brenda (Jackie Zebrowski) is an ambitious aspiring designer who works for Boss Lady (Stephanie Gibson) and her designer henchman Uber (Christopher Chwee) at a top NYC fashion house, but dreams of running her own plus size high couture fashion brand. Brenda is sick of shopping from Snooty Sales Ladies (Zoe Geltman) who only sell tiny sizes. Lloyd Kaufman plays a Nasty Fat Camp Counselor who terrorizes Brenda. Brenda is determined to prove Boss Lady, Fat Camp and Snooty Sales Ladies wrong, and make her Mom (Nancy Opel) proud, by launching her own line of couture for fashionable women of all body types with her best friend Alix (Haley Rawson.)

Rare Birds of Fashion celebrates American women. Exploring career, friendship and healthy body image, the series promotes ambition, loyalty, and confidence in young women by featuring intelligent, loyal, career driven and funny women in leading roles... for a change...

Watch the first episode of Rare Birds of Fashion below:

Catch up on the first season and subscribe to the show's YouTube channel here.

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