Sunday, September 27, 2015

Skype Series ‘Match Not Found' To Premiere in October

Match Not Found premieres October 16.
Katie Sheridan and Alex Oates have co-created a new Skype based online series, Match Not Found, a modern romcom about a young woman, Kat (played by Sheridan), who shares with the audience her eventful quest for the right man. Match Not Found premieres October 16.

Kat went through an unexpected break up, which left her a little fragile, and now she's on the rebound with the help of her friends , who it becomes clear are no experts in love either. Set on Skype, it's about love, life and friendship online.

The show is co-produced by Sheridan and Oates, whose "Silk Road" received rave reviews and his latest play "Pig" is currently on at The New Diorama Theatre. Sheridan's previous credits include a leading role in Nickelodeon series Genie In The House, and guest roles in Casualty (BBC) and Waking The Dead (BBC).

The Match Not Found cast includes Kirsty J Curtis, who is currently filming a guest lead in Holby City, and has appeared on Call The Midwife (BBC) and Birds Of A Feather. The series also stars Connor Mills, a theatre vet whose credits include Doctors and Great Night Out.

The show consists of 13 episodes to be released in October. Check out a sneak peek below:

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