Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Web Series ‘Bite Me' Seeks to Inspire Others to Demand Positive Representation

The new webseries, Bite Me, is ready to make a change. Tired of seeing women and other minority groups underrepresented in the media, creators Taylor Coriell and Jasmine Romero set out to tell a story involving characters like themselves and the women they know. Says Coriell, “these characters are legitimately smart, legitimately funny, and they have plans and goals for their lives.” Romero adds, “They handle bumps along the way with grace and a sense of humor.”

Bite Me is a comedic webseries about two friends, Alex, a wannabe cop, and Marissa, a former pageant girl, who take over their families’ extermination business when their parents die in freak jetski accident. Between taking care of Marissa’s younger brother, and Alex’s recent expulsion from the police academy, their lives are taking an unexpected turn. The series explores the meaning of family, how our priorities change as we get older, and learning how to take care of yourself as an adult.

It was extremely important to all involved that this project pass the Bechdel test, meaning that the script contains two female characters with names who talk to each other about something other than men. As simple as this test may seem, a very large percentage of films do not meet these requirements. The creators are also committed to ethnically diverse casting. By producing this show, and making it available to the general population via YouTube and social media, they are contributing to the progress that young women and other minorities are seeing in our culture, and helping to define a “new normal” for how that population sees themselves represented on the small screen. Their hope is that this show inspires others to demand this type of positive representation of themselves from more

Bite Me is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to secure funding for its first season which will begin production this December. If interested in supporting the project, please visit or

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