Monday, October 12, 2015

Paging Bobby Singer? ‘Supernatural’ Star Goes Viral for New Medical Series, ‘Internity’

Jim Beaver
Jim Beaver, best known for tough guy roles on dramas like Deadwood, Justified, Breaking Bad, and as the gruff but lovable demon hunter, Bobby Singer, on perennial hit Supernatural, has joined the cast of the new indie comedy, Internity.

Internity, which hopes to become “the first actor-created, fan-funded series bought by a network,” is currently raising money on Indiegogo to fund it’s pilot episode. With time running out, Beaver parodies Bobby Singer in the spoof Super[UN]natural, asking fans to contribute and help fund his new show. See it here:

Internity follows a misfit team of new doctors navigating intern hell, led by Dr. Nate, a fanboy who’s obsessed with TV and prone to dream sequences featuring guest appearances by cast members from his favorite old reruns, movies and comics. The genre- mixing series is described as “Scrubs meets E.R. and they go to Comic-Con together.”

Beaver says, “When I read Internity’s pilot script, I was very happy with the journey my prospective character takes, but most importantly, I was pleased with the range of the story-telling, which wraps real human, emotional drama in a light-hearted package, and blends the two in much the same way real life blends them. I laughed a lot, but I was touched in my heart, too.”

Beaver’s arrival sets Internity’s major storyline into motion, adding human drama to the otherwise light comedy. Beaver says, “I like characters who draw the audience in and then reveal hidden facets no one expected. I like characters who are deeply human, even if they’re deeply flawed.”

Internity also stars Marina Sirtis, (Star Trek: The Next Generation, NCIS, Crash) as a 50 year-old, first-year intern, and sitcom vets Richard Ruccolo (Two Guys a Girl & a Pizza Place, Rita Rocks, Legit) and Carla Jimenez, (Raising Hope, Nacho Libre, Last Man Standing) and Julie McNiven (Mad Med, Stargate Universe, Supernatural). Writer/creator Joey Adams (Bones, Body of Proof) plays Nate. Sirtis’ former co-star, Lt. Worf actor Michael Dorn, (Ted 2, Castle, Heroes) will direct the pilot and make a special cameo reviving his and Sirtis’ iconic Star Trek roles.

“I’ve been a fan of Jim’s for years, “ Adams said. “I wrote this role for him, so when he said yes, I was ecstatic. The video is my protest to the Supernatural team for killing off Bobby. I want Jim on Internity, yes, but like legions of fans, I want Bobby back!”

Of his vocal fan base, Beaver says, “No one’s tied me up and held me hostage yet. I’m treated very well by the fans, in general, and as long as it’s between consenting adults… even the tying up might not be a deal-breaker.”

For more on Internity, visit the show's official website, and be sure to follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.

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