Friday, October 30, 2015

‘The Young and the Undead' Releases Halloween Special

From the The Young and the Undead Halloween special.
Chad Media, producers of the horror soap opera The Young and the Undead, deliver some more “blood in the afternoon” just in time for Halloween.

The episode brings Vicki (played by Rachel Hiebert) and Douglas (William Jordan,) together for the first time. Will it be the last? “Anything can happen on YU,” said series creator and producer Chris Greenaway. “They might hook up, but they might kill each other. Don’t forget that there’s a LOT of people in the show’s world who want them both dead too so expect anything!”

“This one’s got a little of everything”, Greenaway added. “We’re bringing back a little retro-gaming, which has always been a staple of Chad Media productions. We also bring a nice combo of practical and CGI effects as well!”

Watch below:

But don’t expect the series to shut down for the year after Halloween passes. Chad Media has promised more scandals, scares and laughs in the coming months through 2016!

Chad Media is a Canadian based media company that specializes in entertaining, low budget content for the web.

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