Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Noah and Jordan: Creators of Comedy's ‘Wannabes' Premieres

A group of young hungry actors are learning to succeed in Wannabes.
From Noah and Jordan: Creators of Comedy presents, Wannabes is a brand new online comedy series about the absurd microcosmic world of acting school. The show follows a group of young hungry actors trying to learn what it takes to succeed in the industry. Unfortunately under their head of acting, self-confessed guru Ethan West, classes become less about acting and more of a therapy session!

Wannabes is a funny, tongue-in-cheek look at the kind of personalities we find in the acting industry. From Queen Bee Felicity who will do anything to show she is the best, even if that includes kidnapping and torturing fellow students; to the lovable and naïve country boy Alfie who in trying to appear interesting amongst all these big personalities, ends up impersonating a Mexican cleaner named Carlos who apparently is an alien spy. Bless him.

Wannabes is written and created by Noah James and Jordan Maxwell, two best friends who met at drama school who have gone on to form a formidable writing partnership and a some would say healthy reliance on Disaronno. They are delighted that this, their first online series has already won Best Comedy at the Miami Web Fest and received many official selections around the world. The series is directed by Lana MacIver and Jamie Sims.

Watch the trailer below:

Wannabes, which premiered on October 10, is available for purchase on wannabes.vhx.tv.

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