Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catch Up on First 20 Episodes of Emily Neiman Series ‘High'rd Help'

High'rd Help premiered October 5.
Emily Neiman had the inspiration to create High'rd Help from her horribly awkward high school experiences. Being awkward in high school is one thing, but being queer and awkward in high school is another. So late last year as she was reliving a horribly embarrassing high school memory she thought, 'What if after you came out you received a guardian angel to guide you through?' And then thought, 'What if that guardian angel was an asshole and didn't want to help at all?''

High'rd Help premiered on October 5, and the series has released 20 episodes.

We've all had those crushes that make us feel like we have absolutely zero chance in dating them. Wouldn't it be great if you had some sort of help? If you had some way to tip the scales in your favour? Say, like some divine other-worldly power that could intervene and make everything magically better?

Hopefully, yes.

Meet Ava McMaster (played by Carina Newton), who - like many of us before - has her eyes set on a girl that seems completely out of her reach. And the girl in question is unfortunately none other than the super popular Jane Dawson.

But that's where Charlie Bakersfield (Mara Goldbloom) comes in.

Sent from the afterlife to help Ava out, Charlie is a guardian angel that soon realizes that this new assignment may have her in way over her head. With Charlie's reluctant help, along with Ava's best friends Clooney (Drew Doyle) and Billy (Ellie Mamatis), they see if they can muster up all the afterlife genius she has to try and make Operation Date Jane a success. That's guaranteed to help her get the girl...right?

Be careful what you don't wish for.

Watch High'rd Help below:

Watch all the episodes of High'rd Help on the show's YouTube Channel.

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