Thursday, November 12, 2015

‘Club 5150' Releases Second Episode

The intervention continues on the second episode of Club 5150.
Hot on the heels of Monday's release of Club 5150 Episode 1 comes brand new Episode 2. The intervention continues as Dr. Pope (Adrienne Wilkinson) hands the figurative keys to Angela (Crista Flanagan) and that’s when the real fun begins. Nanny assignments, race relations, flowers being fashioned into weapons…it’s just another day at Club 5150.

Cast includes TV and film stars including Crista Flanagan (Mad Men, MadTV), Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena, Star Trek: Renegades), Wayne Wilderson (How to Get Away with Murder), Emmy winner Eden Riegel (All My Children), Michael Caruso (Winterthorne, DeVanity), and daytime legend Deidre Hall (Days of our Lives).

Club 5150 is written and directed by Steve Silverman, the critically-acclaimed, award-winning creator of Pretty and The Inn. The multi-award winning Pretty launched its fourth season earlier this year. Club 5150 producers include the Emmy Award nominated team behind DeVanity, Barbara and Michael Caruso, and Jim Cannella, who previously produced on both PRETTY and THE INN. The collective team of Cannella, Carusos and Silverman, along with Martha Madison, produced the hit series Winterthorne earlier this summer.

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