Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Accident Releases New ‘Tumblr Girl!' Episode

Happy Accident has released the season finale of Tumblr Girl!
Happy Accident, a new comedy web channel, has just released Tumblr Girl! Episode 4: Ableism, the final episode of the channel's first comedy series. Tumblr Girl exposes the extremes of social media culture and the hilarity that results when over-the-top political correctness is embodied by a super hero.

Happy Accident was founded by Brandon Salerno, John Cerasi and Eric Elson in June 2015. They released their first video called "Coming Out" in early July, which received many positive reviews including an article from The Journal News - Lohud and Eastchester Hamlethub. The group, along with their collaborators, Bobby Martin and Kevin Wingertzahn, hope to produce more work together including a possible season 2 of the Tumblr Girl series.

Other videos from Happy Accident include a celebrity gossip show parody called Todd's Tea Party and a parody on popularity and fame called Gay Boy's Lament!

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