Wednesday, November 11, 2015

‘Once' Cast Members Premiere Pilot Episode and Lauch Seed&Spark Campaign for '‘Miss Teri'

The pilot for Miss Teri has been released.
Co-creators and Once cast members Erikka Walsh, Katrina Lenk, and Scott Stangland launch their Seed&Spark campaign for Season One of Miss Teri. The actor/musicians are set to film the remaining episodes in the spring of 2016.

What happens when someone hands you the key to your future? Would you take it, or is it better left alone? When Dan reveals to her bandmate, Meta, that her mother is an eerily accurate astrologist, they decide to take that key. Well, mostly. Joined by accordionist friend Brodie, the three misfit musicians use/abuse astrology to navigate their lives in NYC. Each day poses a new challenge, and a new horoscope, that more often than not, comes painfully true.

Miss Teri stars Erikka Walsh (as Dan), Katrina Lenk (Meta) and Scott Stangland (Brodie). The cast includes Claire Wellin, Lucas Papaelias, Andrew Rothenberg, Ryan McCurdy, Ben Hope and Stephen Michael Spencer.

Watch the Miss Teri pilot below:

The series is directed by Scott Stangland, edited by G. Jesse Martinez, with David Allen as Director of Photography. Original music was composed by Erikka Walsh, Katrina Lenk and Scott Stangland, with additional music by Youth in a Roman Field.

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