Saturday, November 28, 2015

POLL: Web Series of the Week (November 21-27, 2015)

In the last Indie Series Network and Serial Scoop "Web Series of the Week" (#WSOTW) poll, Family Problems was voted favorite indie series for the week. It's now time to catch up on latest episodes and vote for your favorite series in this week's poll.

You can also cast a vote for your favorite actor, actress and web series couple/duo. Voting ends Wednesday, December 2 at 4 p.m. ET (one vote per person per day).

Web series that aired one or more new episodes from November 21-27, 2015 are eligible. If a web series aired this week and is not on the list, cast your vote as "Other" and write in the name of the show.

Watch this week's indie series below:
- AFK Episode 5 "PVP"
- Archives of the Heart Episode 4 "Unexpected Surprises"
- Becky & Kate: Works in Progress Episodes 5 & 6
- Carmilla Season Zero Episodes 11 "Clap If You Believe In…" & 12 "Nothing To See Here"
- Classic Alice Episodes 103 "I Grant You Ample Leave" & 104 "Confessional: Cara"
- End of Term Episodes 6 "Tyler" & 7 "Following The Leader"
- Family Problems Episodes 60 "Foundation"
- Freefall Season 3 Episode 5
- How I Seize It Episode 193 "Gratitude"
- I Gotta Be Me Episode 2
- In Retrospect Episode 7 "The Rain"
- Jill & Jack Episode 19 "Black Friday Madness"
- Kaleidoscope Episode 1 (series premiere)
- The Killing Game Episode 10 (season finale)
- Match Not Found Episode 8 "More Snap Than Chat."
- MsLabelled Season 2 Episodes 15 "How To Awkwardly Ship Two Co-Workers" & 16 "How To Make Grand Gestures & Still Get Skewered"
- My Two Roommates Episode 4 "Sidney's Birthday"
- Nature Show Season 2 Episode 4 "Have You Ever Seen Nature Show?" (season finale)
- Remainder One Episode 20 "Ominous. Obviously."
- Sensitive Episode 6 "Girlfriend Zone"
- Sessions Season 2 Episode 8 "Season To Be Brawly"
- Shades of Bad Episode 27
- Somewhere Else Episode 1
- Transitions Episode 7 "Art of War, Part 2"
- Triangle Season 2 Episode 6 "Enemy of My Enemy"
- Tweet Season 2 Episode 7 "Mission Improbable"
- Under InspeKtion Episode 12 "Conspiracy"

The purpose of our weekly poll is to help spread the word about new web series episodes that have been released, and to provide an outlet for potential viewers to find them in one easy location (actually, two easy locations!). We encourage creators to check out the other shows and to support each others' promotional efforts when possible. In many cases, the writer/producer/multi-hyphenate showrunner is also the PR rep, so every like, retweet and encouraging word helps. The indie web series community has always been a wonderfully supportive environment, and an inspiration for us at the Indie Series Network, as well as Serial Scoop. Through the ISAs, and our website and social media, and other events, we are proud to support the work of talented creators in this community.


Submit for the ISAs! Regular Entry Period for 7th Annual Indie Series Awards end November 30
Jen Lilley and Eric Martsolf will host the 7th Annual
ISAs on April 6. Photo Credit: Brad Everett Young
Submissions are open for the 7th Annual Indie Series Awards (#ISA7). The Indie Series Network is once again the charity sponsor for the annual awards show that honors the best in independently produced scripted entertainment for the Web.

The regular entry period ends on November 30, 2015. We will accept submissions during the month of December during an extended entry period but the price goes up. If you are airing episodes in December that you want to include, you can submit now and make a note of the December release. The 7th Annual ISAs ceremony will be held on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, hosted by Jen Lilley and Emmy winner Eric Martsolf. The annual nominee pre-party takes place the night before.

Click here to submit your web series for ISA7.


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