Saturday, November 7, 2015

Catch Up on the Six-Episode Second Season of ‘These People'

In Season Two of These People, Jenny decides to get pregnant in order to get a part in an upcoming blockbuster.
The six-episode second season of Jamie Heinrich and Zac Hug's These People was released on October 1. These People is a serialized comedic (and then suddenly very dramatic) web series about a pretty rotten family trying to be better: boasting a micro-budget of roughly nothing, an Academy Award winning writer, and some of the best actors Los Angeles has to offer.

The show's logline: "In an effort to escape the title of “worlds worst people,” given to them by therapists, the media, and each other, an American family tries and fails to find help for their mentally ill sibling, only to find just how insane they are in comparison."

Season One: Todd
Like your family. But a little more terrible.

The six-episode first season details the downward spiral of Todd Bennet (Zac Hug), the oldest brother in the Bennet family. In order to save his relationship, Todd goes down a rabbit hole to find the people who manage the mental health of his younger brother, Simon (Cameron Miller-Desart). Along the way, Todd will become strangely closer to his sister Jenny (Claire Downs), he will alienate his mother (Indie Series Award nominee Carolyn Hennesy, General Hospital, True Blood), he will offend a renowned therapist (Keith Powell, 30 Rock), and learn that the only thing he can really do to save his relationship with his boyfriend Josh (Jeremy Glazer) is to get away from his family completely. Though, not before Simon reveals a doozy of a secret about his mental health.

Season Two: Jenny
Another six episodes. Same family. Different sibling.

As the Bennet siblings drive down the west coast of the United States toward a difficult interaction with their mother, Jenny Bennet tells them what she’s been up to: convinced her afcting career has come to a halt, Jenny decided to get pregnant in order to get a part in an upcoming blockbuster. Along the way, Jenny will try to acquire sperm from truly inappropriate sources, including her fake boyfriend (Indie Series Award nominee Ben Baur, Hunting Season), a gossip columnist (Academy Award winner Jim Rash), and her brother’s boyfriend Josh, shortly after she breaks them up. All this while she travels to Portland to meet her sister- in-law (Amanda Walsh) and attempts everything in her power to land the role of her dreams by doing the most horrible thing she can imagine—become a mother.

Watch the Season Two teaser below:

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