Saturday, December 26, 2015

Check Out Brett Golov's Satire ‘a job, a wife, a life'

Blake is living the "American Dream" in a job, a wife, a life.
Written and produced by Brett Golov, a job, a wife, a life is a web series about the every day foibles of Blake, an average guy who seems to have it all...the proverbial American Dream, namely a good job, a beautiful wife, and a fulfilled life. However, despite outward appearances, Blake's job is a nightmare, his marriage is rife with stress, and his life is far from what he had hoped it would be. He cries, we laugh...a satire, American-style.

Golov stars, along with Natasha Sherritt , Frank Licari and Thomas Falborn.

Watch the series teaser below:

For more on the series, visit the show's YouTube channel.

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