Saturday, December 12, 2015

First Season of ‘Flags on the Field' Now Available To view

The first season of Flags on the Field is now streaming online.
The seven-episode first season of Bobby Peoples' Flags on the Field is now available. Tai Anderson Courtney Nichole Vitelle Webb ChelseaRai Standberry

Set in present day Atlanta, Flags on the Field is the story four friends who tackle the ups and downs of friendship, infidelity and family life no matter how insane things get at times. Terry Roberts, the corky elementary school teacher who’s recent divorce with Phillip leads her friends Roberta Watkins, Candace Perry and Shonda Wesson to an unusual intervention amongst friends and revelation. The series stars Tai Anderson, Courtney Nichole, Vitelle Webb ChelseaRai Standberry.

Their lives will have you on an emotional roller coaster from laughter to tears as they discover the game of life has a lot of flags on the field.

Watch the first episode below:

For more on Flags on the Field, visit the show's Facebook page.

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