Sunday, January 17, 2016

POLL: Web Series of the Week (January 9-15, 2016)

In the last Indie Series Network and Serial Scoop "Web Series of the Week" (#WSOTW) poll, Simulated Dead People was voted favorite web series. It's now time to catch up on latest episodes and vote for your favorite shows in this week's poll.

You can also cast a vote for your favorite actor, actress and web series couple/duo. Voting ends Wednesday, January 20 at 4 p.m. ET (one vote per person per day).

Web series that aired one or more new episodes from January 9-15, 2016 are eligible. If a web series aired this week and is not on the list, cast your vote as "Other" and write in the name of the show.

Watch this week's indie series below:
- AFK Episode 12 "ZERG"
- Anacostia Season 5 Episode 1 "You Again" (season premiere)
- Becoming Mrs. Ellison Episode 3 "Let Me Make Sure I'm Not Dead"
- Bro-Dum Episode 2 "The Bro-Down"
- Classic Alice Episodes 117 "Plan of a Novel" (series finale)
- Family Problems Episode 64 "Partnership"
- How I Seize It Episode 202 "Star Wars"
- A Lesson Learnt Episode 6 (season finale)
- Living 4 The Weekend Episode 3 "When The Smoke Clears"
- Match Not Found Episode 15 "The Seven Stages"
- Newsroom One Episode 8
- Relentless Episode 3
- Shades of Bad Season 2 Episode 14
- Simulated Dead People Episode 2 "The Father"

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