Friday, February 26, 2016

‘I Gotta Be Me' Kickstarter Campaign 100% Funded, New Episodes Released

New episodes of I Gotta Me Me will premiere in February.
Having passed its initial target of £5000, Nine Productions has now released the first five episodes of hit 'gonzo rockumentary' web series I Gotta Be Me. With two weeks left on the crowdfunding site, they are now breaking new ground for online web series with a low-cost reward for people who choose to back the campaign before it closes on March 13th. New backers will get immediate access to the sixth episode, which features the first public performance of the Rat Pack tribute show, along with priority access to the final four episodes of the 10 part series when they are completed this summer, for just £4.

The show, created by and starring Phaldut Sharma and narrated by his former Eastenders co-star Steve McFadden, is a comedy about celebrity, and a playful take on the problems faced by BAME actors working in the industry today.

"This is like nothing I have seen or done before (...) a brilliantly funny idea," says McFadden

Sharma plays Paul Shah, an ambitious British-Indian actor fed up of playing the cab-driver Hardeep in a daytime soap called Faraway Close. Desperate to showcase his talents, Shah travels to Cyprus to perform in a Rat Pack tribute show. The impersonators, ex-pats, locals and holidaymakers featured are not actors and originally thought they were taking part in a traditional documentary.

Phaldut Sharma says "We’re delighted to be able to finish this wonderfully idiosyncratic series with the support of our Kickstarter backers." Nine Productions will be offering the final episodes to backers in advance of festivals and public release.

Director Steven Bloomer adds "I think this crowdfunding model represents a fair way for independent producers to use Kickstarter to produce original content."

I Gotta Be Me is a celebration of what it means to be successful at all levels of the industry; Paul Shah embarks on a Rat Pack inspired journey across Cyprus as he tries to work out how to "make it" - and what "making it" even means.

Watch the new episodes released in February below.

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